Friday, December 16, 2011

Letter 3, Reasons you should come to Belize

Ok, my friends who don't even know I started a blog since I don't like to promote myself...

The first, and most obvious reason to come to Belize, is to come see me!!

In addition to that sweet treat, there is so much to do here! You can:

Go snorkeling at Hol Chan/ Shark Ray Alley and see all kinds of beautiful fish, turtles, coral... all the stuff that I find "creepy" that live in the sea.

You can go on a fishing trip. If you feel like making a whole day of it, you can do the fishing/ beach barbecue dealy, where you fish and then find a little spot on the beach where your tour guide will cook up your days catch for you, and you can eat, drink, and chill out.

You can try parasailing or windsurfing, some of the few things that I have not yet tried. (I can be convinced though)

Feel like getting off the island? Try zip-lining through the jungle canopy, or cave tubing. One of the best trips I did was the jungle horse-back riding tour that leads you to some amazingly private waterfalls, where you can swim and relax and give your sore butt a break from the ride.

Mayan Ruins... if you come to Belize you have to see at least one of the ruins. I've been to Altun Ha, Xanantunich, Lamanai, Caracol and Cahal Pech. My favorite was Cahal Pech. Even though it's a lot smaller than the other sites, you can actually walk inside the ruins.

I've never been to the Belize zoo, but everyone that goes says it's pretty cool.

If you don't feel like doing any real "touristy" things, you can always do what I do - just walk the beach and stop at a few bars for some tasty adult beverages. Some of my favorites are: Crazy Canucks (where I happen to work) Wayo's, Jolly Rodgers, and the Palapa Bar, where you can float around on inner tubes and have your drinks lowered down from the bar in a bucket. (They sell Cherry Bombs, which you have to try.)

Anyway... my point is, there's lots to do here, so come visit!!

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