Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello, 2012!! - aka - Thank you and goodbye, 2011!

Did you know that you can live on a tropical island and NOT put on a bathing suit for months at a time?! It's totally true!!

That is one of the things I learned in 2011.

   Me, representin' the Flyers and NOT wearing a bathing suit

I've also learned that gossip spreads like wildfire on an island, you should always carry a "sweat rag" with you, the Guatemalan purses bleed color all over your clothes, Belize isn't for everyone, prices are negotiable on just about everything, you need to "know people" to be able to get anything important done in a reasonable amount of time, bringing a cat into the country illegally is much cheaped than doing it by the books, being hissed at is more annoying than being whistled at, and it's sad when a nice tourist leaves town.

I'm also learning about really being homesick. (That must be what it is when I burst out in tears after talking to my family back home, right?)

Other than that.... I've learned that I'm really ok with spending lots of time alone and San Pedro is too big for me. There are too many people, too many options, too much traffic (Traffic? On an island? Yuck!) I have also become exceptionally good at navigating my way around puddles, avoiding getting my feet and flip-flops drenched.

2012 will bring even more changes for me. (And that sentence just reminded me to check my horoscope on

    The Village Inn, Placencia

Anyway... all I know for sure about 2012 is that I'll be living on the mainland, somewhere, until May 15th. Everything after that.... well I have no idea, but I'm pretty stoked to find out!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

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