Friday, January 20, 2012

How many times can I change my mind?

I have about 10 days left to decide wether I want to stay in San Pedro and take one of the bar jobs I've been offered.... or to move to Placencia and see what I can get into there.... or do what I was originally supposed to do- go live a simple life in Alta Vista with my husband.

This is why I miss my friends, it's usually easier to make a decision after I can bitch about everything and get some honest feedback.

I'm pretty sure I want to leave San Pedro... this is definately where I should stay if I just want to work and make money... but anyone that knows me knows that I value my free time way more than I value money. I'd have to go back to working 6 days a week if I want to pay rent and eat, plus my heart isn't in San Pedro. Great place to visit and hang out, but it isn't where I want to live forever... so why spend more time here?

Then again.... when I DO have free time here I get to go sailing and fishing, I go for long walks on the beach, and even though I don't have any " friends" here, Ive met a bunch of nice people and I've gotten kind of comfortable here.

My mind goes back and forth, like, 8,000 times a day about this.

If I live in Alta Vista I'll learn a lot- a lot about Belize, about solar power and wind energy, I'll have time to learn Spanish, how to live off the land...
Plus, I'll get puppies and have all the fresh, organic fruits and veggies I can possibly stuff myself with, and I'll have my own little massage/yoga/meditation hut with a palapa roof in the jungle... And I'll learn wether or not I can stay married.

I guess I should feel lucky that this is my biggest issue right now. Where, in Belize, I should live.

Any suggestions?

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