Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just a quick Hello from Placencia

This is a pain in the ass to do from an iPod touch, just so ya know.

I left San Pedro yesterday morning and found myself in the co-pilot seat on my first flight from San Pedro to the Belize City Municipal Airport. The co-pilot seat!! With no camera!! Damn those thieves!!!!

Of course, on this trip down to Placencia, I've seen a million things I wish I could take a picture of- but alas, no camera.

I checked into Julia's Guest House- private cabanas on the beach for $60us per night- they each have a little kitchen area, a bed and a bathroom, and a hammock out on the veranda. Perfect. I was lounging on my hammock when one of the other guests- Bob from West Virginia- walked by and offered me some of his home made rum punch. He's a nice old man, and makes some tasty punch!! I was sufficiently buzzed in about an hour.

The last time I was here, I had perfect weather with a super warm, clear Caribbean Sea, and there were starfish and dragonflies everywhere. Yesterday and today were both really windy, and there are actually waves in the sea, stirring up all the sand and making it look just a little less beautiful than usual. It's actually been a bit chilly! (79•F)

It's so pretty here, and it's way smaller and chilled out than San Pedro.... but i have a complaint- no one cleans up the beaches!! I shouldnt say "no one," some of the resorts rake up their own beach areas- but most of the beach is just covered in litter being spit out by the sea. It's sad. And gross.

It must be a pretty daunting task to keep up with since it has to be done every single day.... but ya'd think the people who live here would want to pitch in to help keep this tiny little place clean. I dunno.

Well I just got back from having a surprisingly tasty cheese steak from the Cozy Corner... and I believe it's time for a nap.

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