Monday, January 23, 2012

To Dread or Not to Dread... That is the Question

I've been thinking about dreading my hair again for years... but I've been too afraid to commit to it.

I had gross, dirty, messy ones when I was in high school, and when I decided I didn't want them anymore my sister and I spent a good 4 hours ripping them apart. Our hands were literally covered in black, greasy filth- like how they get after you pet a dirty outdoor dog for a while.

Now I know better, and I think I'd be able to keep them clean and looking good.... but the whole process of getting them started is a pain in the ass and I'd probably hate them for the first 6-12 months.

Straightening my hair here in Belize is pretty pointless, and my curls can end up a huge, tangled, frizzy mess because of the sea breeze and humidity...

I am the worst decision maker EVER.

Feel free to give an opinion.

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