Monday, February 13, 2012

So far, so.... good?

Well, I've been living on the mainland with Trip for almost 2 weeks now and I *mostly* love it. We have great views, tons of birds flying around, peace and quiet, fresh air, and we're growing just about everything - from onions and cucumbers to pineapples and wild bananas, plus we have chickens for our free-range organic eggs. (I named the four of them after characters from Pulp Fiction - Mia, Esmeralda, Fabian and Honeybunny... and the rooster is Rooster Cogburn)

What I don't like is that the house is unfinished, and living in an unfinished house is like camping... and I do not camp. I'm not a high maintenance girl - even though I'd enjoy a nice facial, pedicure and massage, I will not bitch about not getting them. I don't need to go to a salon to get my hair done, I don't need clean clothes or even a shower every day - but what I DO need is to be able to wash my hair at least twice a week, and that just isn't happening at our home yet.... and it's already driving me crazy and making me wonder if I should have stayed in San Pedro for another month or two.

About a week ago we spent a night at the Yim Saan Hotel in Belmopan (the capital of Belize) so I could take a tubby... they had amazing water pressure and if anyone wants to know where they can take a good shower in Belmopan, that is the place to go. (The drain didn't work as fast as I would have liked, I was left standing in a puddle at the end of my shower, but it was still amazing. There's also a really good restaurant downstairs, which is very convenient.)

I'm at the Macaroni Hill View Hotel right now - Trip dropped me off so I can enjoy the comforts of a finished place and a shower for the night... which I tried to do, but the water turned off just as I was conditioning, and now I'm half showered and kind of pissy. I just want to wash my damn hair, is that too much to ask???

Arrrg. Crankypants.

Anyway... I'll have a new laptop soon so hopefully I'll be posting more regularly again, and I'll finally be able to include pictures!!!
I'll have a new Kindle, too, and I'm always looking for book recommendations...


  1. Read A Dogs Purpose. By W. Bruce Cameron. Such as awesome book!!!!

  2. Oh, great!! Thanks, Christine - I should be able to load up my Kindle tomorrow if I get my way :)