Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weird Superstitions I heard about last night

Robert, the caretaker here on the farm, has some very odd superstitions that he swears are true.

When I was talking about my concern for Sugar, my clawless cat, he told me what I should do is get a stick of butter and draw the Sign of the Cross all over the cats body and she will never leave the house again.... When I google that, all that comes up are articles about rubbing butter on your cats paws so they dont bolt right out of the door when you move them to a new house. I found nothing about drawing the Sign of the Cross in butter all over their body to make them stay inside forever.

Last night, we somehow got to talking about Jade. (I think we had been talking about the caves here in Belize and all the Maya ruins, and Robert brought up the Jade mountain found in Guatemala - and I think this is the link to what he was talking about:
Anyway - he went on to tell me that if you want to find out of a piece of Jade is real or not, you take a strand of your hair and wrap it around the Jade a bunch of times, and then try to set the hair on fire. If the hair does not burn - it's real Jade.
I googled that, too - and I actually found an article about it -

I definately want to find some Jade and try the hair test on it to see if it's real.... but I dont know how I feel about greasing up Sugar with a stick of butter to see if she stays home.

After dinner tonight, while we're playing Dominoes, I'll try to remember to ask him about more "superstitions" that he's heard of and look them up, too.


  1. hey lady... i LOVE blogs!!! i tried to keep up with Anastasia's in San Pedro, but she stopped. Um... if your in Belize in May, maybe, hopefully we can come see you!! We really want to try and get to Roatan and that is the mission, not to mention it would be awesome to meet up with you somewhere else in Belize....


  2. Aw, thanks, girl! I'm going back to the States on May 15th - I'll be there for about a week or so, then I'm gona head to Cancun/Tulum on my way back down here. Definately keep it touch, maybe we'll meet up somewhere!

  3. This is very very interesting...have you tried the jade test yet?