Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Belizean fruit - the Cocoa Bean....

Ok, everyone knows how delicious chocolate is, right? Did you know that it's a totally different kind of delicious before it becomes chocolate? Personally, I had no idea, until today.

This afternoon, Robert came home from La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge, an annual 3 day canoe race that goes from San Ignacio to Belize City using the Macal and Belize Rivers. He was there to support his brother and some other friends that were in the race.   La Ruta Maya Info

Anyway, he came home with another fruit he told me to try:

The Cocoa Fruit ... hard, yellow, leathery

I don't know what I was picturing the inside to look like.... Cocoa fruit... Hmmm... Maybe white pulpy stuff with big, brown seed? Some kind of brown "meat," like a coconut? Whatever I was thinking... this did not come to my mind:

The inside Pod....

Holy crap! It looks like big kerneled corn on the cob inside! Those kernels aren't squishy though, those are the seeds covered in this really sweet, sticky coating that you just suck on like candy. It's like nature's own little sweet tart. The taste doesn't last long, but luckily there's somewhere between 30 and 50 seeds stuffed in there.

So... wait, this is a fruit? Apparently, and this explains why: Cocoa is a fruit?

I think we're just gona try to grow some Cocoa Trees here, making chocolate looks like a pain in the butt.... how to make chocolate

If you want to try some tasty made-in-Belize chocolate though, try to get your hands on some from Cotton Tree Chocolate, Goss Chocolate, or Kakaw Belizean chocolate. (I'm going back to the States in May - if you're nice maybe I'll bring some home with me.)


  1. I want some dark chocolate!!!! Bring some home :)

  2. i too would also like some dark chocolate...you dont need to pack clothes to come back, just bring the chocolate!