Monday, March 5, 2012

Belize Mystery Fruit - What is it?? (Updated March 6)

Robert handed us some fruit from a tree outside of Bolo's mom's house and told us it's a.... Kymeeto? Chymeato? I asked for the spelling, but he doesn't know, which has been making it extremely difficult to look up. It kind of looks like a Cherimoya or a Custard Apple (from the pics and descriptions I found from Google and Bing) but it isn't either one...

This is the Mystery Fruit - that white sappy stuff is very sticky

The inside - pulpy/fleshy looking, dripping with milky white juiciness

Big black seeds

This fruit is super tasty - it almost has the flavor and texture of a cantaloupe! The only part I didn't enjoy were the mucousy, gelatinous pod-like coverings that the seeds are in... it's what I imagine biting into an eyeball would feel like. I guess you're not supposed to eat that part.

 So?? What the heck is it??

Update March 6 - My friend Aiesha from San Pedro told me that it is spelled Caimito!


  1. i bet andrew zimmerman would know...

  2. Haha - where are all the tv personalities when i need them?

  3. I don't know whether I am right or not but it resembles to custurd apple.But I am not sure because some of its features do not match with custurd apple either.

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