Saturday, March 3, 2012

Progress on the House (Part 1)

Things are getting done around here, slooooowly but surely.  Not even a month ago, we were still without electricity and sleeping in (whats going to be) the kitchen.

This is the back of the house in December

This is the back of the house today - complete with (unfinished) verandah

Front of the house, December

Front of the house, today

We are SO close to having that front verandah done enough to be able to hang out out there and watch the amazing sunsets in a screened in, jungle bug free zone.


I've been trying and trying and trying to upload a video of the windmill doin it's thang - but it isn't happening. I don't know what the problem is, it says it's loading but there's nothing spinning around to make it look like it's loading.... and I let it sit for like, an hour.... still, nothing. These pics will have to do for now. Enjoy.

That's all for this week - hopefully by next weekend I'll have a guest room, bathroom floor, and finished front verandah to show you..... hopefully.  And maybe Blogger will be my friend and let me post some videos up in here.

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