Friday, March 30, 2012

Progress on the house (Part 2)

Still moving along up here on the hill. We have 5 guys working here... but they don't all always show up, so the progress is still very slow. "Belizean time." No worries.

One of the things we do most is drive down to the Stann Creek River and pick up loads of rocks. We've got piles and piles saved up for all the river-rocking we want to do in the house, but these rocks here are all being used as the base of the cement tracks we'll have leading up part of the driveway. (Try getting up here in the rainy season without 4WD, lockers on your tires and no concrete. Just try.) :

See that tiny little black rock down at the end of the driveway? That thing is huge!

Now for the house updates........

The front of the house a few weeks ago

The front today.

Guest room with painted walls and unfinished floor

Guest room with painted walls and finished floors... temporary storage room.

Back of the house last month - no paint

Back of house now - paint!!! Verandah gets stained tomorrow!

Inside of back verandah, then

Inside, now.

All windows stained, sealed, screened and framed.

That's pretty much it for now. I need to start taking pictures of the land next - we just cleared another 3 acres, plus our crops are looking sweeeeet! Here's a few to leave you with.....

Lime trees, freshly cut grass, trimmed hibiscus bushes, solar panels

Daily (nightly?) sunsets from back verandah

We're waiting for kitchen cabinets to come next week, the floors in the kitchen and living room should be getting worked on soon.... maybe those rooms will finally make it into the next update post.

I just added a link for cheap-ish airfare from Philly to Belize on Facebook ($604 roundtrip)
Just sayin.


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