Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fish Thing in Caye Caulker

A Sunny Place for Shady People

Lisa and I were hanging out at the Lazy Lizard on Saturday, munchin on their really good, really large order of chicken nachos and sipping on some Lizard Juice.

Lizard Juice

A lady, who I've seen there before, came up to me and asked me if I could help her out with something...
Since I often agree to things before I fully know what's up, I said sure, and she handed me a fish.
The fish

I waited at the bar, with my dead fish, while she went around and got more girls to take more fish from her, and then she had us all line up in front of the water and start waving our new, dead friends in the air.

Waving fish in the air

After a few minutes of doing this and probably looking like bikini clad idiots, the birds finally started paying attention and came over for their snacks.

Girl in pink bottoms, first to bail out.

Im so surprised that I've never seen this done before, since I've been here so many times. Apparently it's a regular thing at the Split.

Here, birdy birdy

Also on the beach this weekend - some dude doing tight rope tricks.
Have I mentioned how much I love Caye Caulker?

Butt balance, very impressive

He seemed to have been giving lessons to anyone else who wanted to jump on, too. 
(Not me - I already know my balance is questionable)

                                      Just another great weekend in Caye Caulker...........


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