Saturday, April 28, 2012

Progress on the house (Part 3)

A lot of things that we're working on here have nothing to do with the house itself, and everything to do with getting ready for the rainy season.

The car port we decided to build has a little to do with both - it's attached to the house, and in the rainy season we'll have a dry spot to work on the trucks. (Clearly when I say "we," I really mean, "the boys.")

Its made with leaves from the Cohune Palm tree that weren't cut on the full moon, so it won't last more than a year before it needs to be replaced (if that) but I love this thing, I think it looks so cool:

Inside the house, we finally have paint on the walls and the beginnings of a kitchen and bathroom. You have NO idea how happy I'll be when I can report to you about having indoor plumbing... but this is a nice start.

Hmm... not good lighting, but here's the green living room

Same green in kitchen. Still need tile for the countertops.

Purple bathroom

Don't look at the floor, we're re-rocking it because we didn't like the way it was done the first time. I created a new way to do it, too, and it's looking awesome.

We went through some boxes and dug out some things to start making this house feel more homey:


African mask and Pennsylvania Dutch Hex

Bought this in a thrift store in Dangriga, I love it.

I guess those are all the updates for this post.... we still need to finish the bathroom floor and the floor in the living room and kitchen area, and we need two more solar panels and running water, counter tops, custom furniture and closets... and that's pretty much it as far as big jobs on the house. Yay!

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