Monday, April 2, 2012

Sleepless night in Belize

Yesterday was a very long day, and I couldve really used some good sleep last night.

Before 8am I had already made the bed, fed the dogs that have adopted us, filled water bottles, emptied the trashcans and tried to nurse Sugar back to health. (Its been one week since she's eaten anything, she barely drinks, she can hardly move, and she has weird bumps and scabs on her skin... help!!!)

The dogs who want to live here - Lobo up front and the other I dont know... I started calling her Clive before I realized she's a girl.

In the early afternoon, me, Trip, Robert, and Himey all loaded up in the truck and headed down to Pomona to pick up Bob and stop at the Chinese store for food and beer. Once all of that was taken care of we drove down to the river to set up our little picnic area.

Stann Creek River - good spot for a picnic.

Cookin up some chicken.

Once we got back home, just as it was getting dark, I immediately went and found my sick little Sugar bear and tried to feed her some Pediasure and tried to get some water into her. From about
7pm-10pm, I sat on the floor with her and just let her know I was around.

She went outside and, since Trip was out there, I figured I could take some time to brush my teeth and get ready for bed and he could keep his eye on her. I was literally gone for 2 minutes, and when I came back, she was gone. I know she wanted some alone time, I just would've liked to have known where she went to hang out.

Stolen from my own Facebook page:
If you need help staying awake all night - I suggest having your very sick, very weak cat go outside and disappear around 10pm. If, by 3 in the morning you feel a little sleepy, arrange to have a scorpion crawl on you once you lay in bed. This should keep you awake and looking for it for at least another 2 hours. After that, the rooster will be awake and you've made it! A full night with no sleep!

That pretty much sums up the rest of my night... laying in bed listening for sad little cat cries and worrying about getting stung by a scorpion that's wandering through my house.

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