Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This morning on the farm...

Is it possible that Sugar got reincarnated within 24 hours and came back as a baby farm chicken?

This little guy (or girl) was hatched sometime early this morning, and now he's just waitin around for his other little chicken buddies to come out and play.

Fabian with her first born

I had to go into the chicken coop to see him and snap a picture - Cogburn kept his eye on me the whole time. It's really cool, how protective he is of his ladies. If he hears one of them making noise somewhere, he'll go running over to them to see what's up.

The proud papa

I never really liked birds before - I just thought they were annoying little jerks who woke me up too early in the morning and pooped on everything. The chickens are awesome though, they each have their own personality and they'll follow you around like dogs.
(I still sometimes consider Cogburn an annoying little jerk who wakes me up too early, though.)

We found an old Kisskidee nest on the ground outside the house, and in the lime tree next to Sugar's Peace Lily, we found this abandoned Hummingbird's nest.

So tiny

I've mentioned that we collect rocks, right? We decided to build a shelf in the verandahs to put nice chunks of smokey quartz, rose quartz, and crystal quartz crystals on. We're still searching for Sage to cleanse them with, but for now they're just hangin out.

Startin to feel cozy

It's been a hot, lazy day for me... I started walking around and taking pictures of the land, but I gave up pretty quickly and came back inside to hide from the sun. I did find these pretty little flowers growing in the driveway though....

Pretty wild flowers

I overheard someone outside say there are more baby chicks in the box... how long before I get to play with them??

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