Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Traveling Baby Chicken (Part 1)

My sister Lisa is down here for a week or so to visit me and to go on some adventures... little did she know, my broken-legged baby chicken, Camilla, would be joining us for most of them.

On Tuesday, Camilla went to Cafe casita de amor in Steadfast with us when we stopped for coffee, tagged along to the inland Blue Hole, had lunch in San Ignacio, walked around the ruins of Cahal Pech, and shopped at the Orange Gift Shop on the Western Highway.

Me and Camilla with Sybille at her Cafe

On her way to the Blue Hole

Lisa at the Blue Hole

Camilla at the Blue Hole

Lunch in San Ignacio

At the Cahal Pech Welcome/Info building

Chicken checkin out ruins

She wouldn't stay by herself, but this is where she was for previous pic

I have to admit, her constant chirping was starting to drive me insane. I mean I totally understand - she had to stay in the box while I drove and it was super hot out so she probably wasn't totally comfortable being toted around in the palm of my sweaty hand everywhere we went... but Wednesday was better (The Traveling Chicken Part 2, coming next) and I actually missed her today when Lisa and I went cave tubing.
Maybe I can figure out how to rig up some sort of baby chicken life preserver so she can tag along next time.