Friday, April 13, 2012

The Traveling Baby Chicken (Part 2)

On Wednesday we decided to take Lisa to Antelope Falls, located in the 7,000 acre Mayflower Bocawina National Forest on the Southern Highway. This place is pretty awesome and deserves it's own blog, but right now I'm trying to stay awake and focus on the chicken story.

Camilla at the Mayflower National Park Welcome center

Heading towards Antelope Falls

45 minute walk. Pffft.

Camilla was being really good this day - unlike right now, when she keeps jumping on my keyboard and messing me up.
I don't know how far up we made it, but, unfortunately, none of us made it to the top. Lisa gave up once the rock climbing began, and Trip and I turned around when I realized that I'm incapable of hoisting myself up boulders while gripping onto a rope in one hand and holding a chicken in the other.
I'm still a bit bummed about it, but determined to go again soon and get all the way up there.

Not kidding about the direction

Takin a breather

Part of Camilla's rock climbing experience

As close as we got to swimming in the falls

After our failed attempt to conquer the falls, we had lunch at MamaNook's, the cute little jungle lodge place in the park, and then stopped at the Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce Factory on our way home.

Playin around at lunchtime

Last stop

That's pretty much it for Camilla's adventures this week. Like I said, she wasn't invited to go cave tubing yesterday, and I convinced Trip that he should babysit her this weekend since he isn't coming to the Cayes with us, so she'll be staying home for a few days. I hope she doesn't get too bored.


  1. We did that Antelope Falls hike about 8 years ago all the way to the top. It was tough, but fun!

  2. I cant wait to get up there - I just want to swim in the pools Ive heard so much about.
    Next time!!!!

  3. you had too much fun we are actually planning a trip down the antelopes falls I am told has amazing offers if you make booking on their website