Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weather, Botanical Garden, and Baby Chicken Update

It's Easter Sunday and we still haven't had any kind of crazy storm this weekend - no thunder, no lightning, only a light shower of rain at night. It must've stormed somewhere though - all night big, full, black clouds were rolling by, on their way to dump some rain in one of the valleys, maybe.

Yesterday was sunny and hot, and my birthday! I've been wanting to go to Ian Anderson's Caves Branch for so long (have you checked out their website yet?? Caves Branch)

I didn't realize that you usually need to be a guest in order to have a meal there, but luckily I had let Ian know ahead of time that I intended to have lunch at his place, and he graciously extended a real invitation to join him so I wouldn't get kicked out when I showed up :)

After lunch Ian and his wife, Ella, took time to show us around their amazing botanical garden... that alone is worth visiting Caves Branch for, I think, and it's open to non-guests to come check out. (I'd probably call or email ahead of time to let them know you're stopping by)

Here's the info for the garden, followed by some pics I took yesterday:

Caves Branch Botanical Gardens

I also got to meet these two BIG beautiful dogs that live at Caves Branch - I forget their names, but i LOVE them!!!

Biggest dog I've ever seen in person

I had to bring the broken baby chicken, Camilla, with me because I can't trust her mom not to step on her again. ( I had to remove her from the coop when she was 2 days old because she kept getting squashed, and I think she has a little broken leg or foot)

Camilla is possibly the first chicken to go into a dining room and come out alive. I'll have to ask about that.

Camilla at the bar, 5 days old

When we got home I had Trip try to make a suitable cast for her while I held her... I've never raised a healthy chicken, let alone a broken one, so we're just trying to figure this all out as we go along...

 It actually seemed to help, though - today she's able to stand up and balance on her good foot, and she seems to be trying to slowly put pressure on the hurt one. She's become quite the mama's girl, too - if she can't see me, she freaks out a bit.

Bouncin around on one foot

I'm starting to think she might survive! When she gets bigger, though, she might have to live with the pigs - I don't think the other chickens will accept her because she's gimpy.

She'll be getting to do a lot of things with me while she heals and gets stronger since I can't leave her alone. She'll be going to Pelican Beach in Dangriga tomorrow, to Xunantunich, San Ignacio, Cahal Pech and Spanish Lookout on Tuesday, Antelope Falls on Wednesday, and then to Caye Caulker for a few days. Lucky bird!

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  1. The dog that was the largest you've ever seen is an english mastiff, and he is actually a small one for his breed. I LOVE mastiffs, one of my favorite breeds! We had 2 of them. Quite sadly, we lost our #220# boy this past August. We still have our #170 sweet baby boy though. :)