Sunday, May 13, 2012

A lazy, rainy Sunday

Mother nature is giving us a little taste of what to expect when the rainy season comes by sending a nice storm our way for a few hours this morning, so it's been a nice day to just stay in and mess with my blog. (If you've been reading as religiously as you should be, you'll notice that I adopted a new template and background image - and you can now leave a comment without signing up for a Google account.)

The rain has also provided me with plenty of muddy cat footprints in my house, and some time to start going through and organizing all of my pictures on my laptop.
I found so many pics from driving up and down the Hummingbird Highway - the road that made me fall in love with Belize, and the one I'm lucky enough to live off of here in Stann Creek....

The "Sleeping Giant"

My favorite highway

What part of my driveway looks like from the Hummingbird.

If you look in the picture above, where that little smudge or raindrop is on the top there and follow it straight down, you can kind of see more of the driveway between the tree line. The houses are up there, too.... and all that dirt that turns into mud is a bitch to get through!

This is probably my last post before I head back to Pennsylvania on Tuesday, but I might get a chance to write while I'm crashing on someone's couch and, hopefully, while I'm traveling through Mexico on my way back here.

That reminds me - one of my missions while I'm in the States to get my online banking and paypal account figured out so I can try to make some money with this blog thingy (help!), and start submitting articles and stuff. I need a little "donate money" link so I can afford medical care for the chicken, pay to get my Jeep down here so I can provide all of you with more fascinating posts about Belize, and a fancy camera for amazing pictures to go along with the fascinating posts.

Here are some pictures of Muffin and Turkey before I sign out...

Thinking about being friends

Do you see that backwards foot?!

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  1. I love the Hummingbird Highway too. It always makes me get a catch in my throat the first time I get to see it if it's been a while.