Sunday, May 27, 2012

New additions to the Farm and a Circus in Dangriga

I was hoping to come home to a house with running water. I did not.

I did find finished counter tops in the kitchen, a finished bathroom floor, a fancy new grill to cook on.... and 6 new baby chickens!!

2 yellows and 4 blacks


I can't name these ones because I'm not allowed to get attached... When they're old enough we'll have to sell them and everyone here knows that I'll probably cry if I start picking them up and petting them now and have to give them up in a few months. I'm doing my best to ignore them.... but I do have a favorite...

I call him "Fluffy." Don't tell anyone.

On Friday I went to take advantage of the faster internet connection at the Pelican Beach Resort in Dangriga and finish up a writing assignment I've been putting off for a few weeks. On my way there I passed something I've never seen in Belize before - a circus!

animal tent
I don't know what that tall structure is for
sleeping tigers

tiny horses

and a camel.

I normally avoid any circus that uses animals in their show, but I was curious about this one, run by Boletos (I can't find any info about them online.) I would have gone yesterday to check it out, but it's been raining here all night and all morning every day since Thursday. We get a few hours of sunshine in the afternoon, but not enough to dry up the driveway enough to get down it safely.

Have any of my Belizean readers ever gone to a Boletos Circus before? I want to know what kind of acts they have.... tight rope walkers, jugglers, clowns, acrobats?? Tell me all about it!

It was raining all morning, as I mentioned, but I just went outside and took this clear picture of Victoria's Peak we have while the sun is shining.

 a bit cloudy, but that's the highest peak in the country, as seen from my home on Overlook Farms

Additional, random thoughts:

As much as I love riding the bus on a bright, sunny day here in Belize, I'm terrified to get on one in the rain

I have to remember my interview with immigration on June 7th. I never pay attention to the day/date, so I have to keep reminding myself to check the calendar every single day. I think it's next Thursday

Chickens really do sound like dinosaurs

I wonder if the Mango Festival or the circus got cancelled this weekend

I'm bummed that the rain ruined my San Pedro trip tomorrow

This isn't even the rainy season yet, what the hell? I wonder if the Earth really will flood during this new age of Aquarius we're going into

How hard it DIY plumbing? Could I learn to install gutters and pipes and stuff myself? I really, reeeaally want my own shower.


  1. Simple plumbing is easy. Remember to use PVC primer on the PVC before the glue. Just put primer on one end then the glue on the other and there ya go. Just remember--it can't be undone once it is done. Also, for drainage, you need at least 1/4 inch decline for every foot of PVC in order to get decent drainage through a long pipe. PVC is the greatest invention ever. So much better than old pipes with brass and copper fittings where you HAD to get a professional to sweat the stuff together (I don't know how to do that stuff).

    1. LUCKILY, our workers are concentrating on the plumbing today. We have the cistern and gutters up, and today they're doing all the inside pipes in stuff.
      I don't want to curse myself.... but I think I might have running water by the end of the week!