Friday, May 11, 2012

News Breakdown Updates, Pictures & Permanent Residence part 2

I haven't read anything else about the GOB paying gang members, but I did see somewhere online that the dentist story was a lie. Total bummer.

my breakdown of the news

Everyone's all over the John McAfee story, though, and I've found this article by the San Pedro Sun has the most information: McAfee vs GSU.
Will the GSU apologize to McAfee, or will he get the US State Department to issue a Travel Advisory against Belize? Inquiring minds want to know...

Moving right along, here are some pics from my day yesterday:

As I struggled to get out of my morning haze from the early wake-up, I hung out with the chicken.


Then I strolled down the driveway, a mile downhill hike to the bus stop in the village of Alta Vista.

Pretty flowers lining the driveway

Pretty hibiscus

Part 1 of the driveway

Alta Vista bus stop

I love how quickly things grow down here. "We" chopped down this big section of da bush about 2 or 3 weeks ago and these plantains are already shootin right back up:


new leaf unfolding

tiny guy

I don't remember what tree these things come from - they're, like, pods that explode into furballs. 
At first glance they look like dead squirrels

Once I got to Belmopan, I went the little copy/fax hut in the parking lot of the immigration and had a whole bunch of papers signed, stamped, and notarized by the Justice of the Peace guy in there, then handed everything in at immigration.
I had some copies of things I didn't need, and I was missing a few things*, but the guy wrote me a receipt for everything that I turned in and gave my me interview date - June 7th.

*When they ask you for an income tax statement/letter, they want one from Belize, not the States.

Before I caught bus home yesterday I stopped at some little cosmetics store and almost bumped into this guy napping in the back:

he's a snorer

This morning I came back to town with the rest of the info I needed and turned that all in, too, so I'm good to go now.

I'm now shacked up for the night in  the Belmopan Conference Hall Hotel, waiting on the manager to finish vacuuming the pool and thinking about stealing a few clippings from their nice, light orange hibiscus flowers outside of my room and the purple plants outside of the office. Wish me luck!

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