Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Permanent Residence in Belize - the beginning

The first step to getting your permanent residency in Belize to come here and stay for one full year, without leaving for more than 14 days during that year.
In order to stay for that long, you'll either need to go to immigration every 30 days and pay for an extension, (the cost of an extension is $50bz ($25us) every month for the first 6 months, and $100bz ($50us) for the last 6 months) or do what I did and buy yourself a work permit, which allows you to stay for one full year without having to go to immigration every month. *

I've been here for just over a year now and I'm ready to apply, This has taken me, so far, three trips to Belmopan (which  adventure in itself: My solo trip to Belmopan, lessons learned), but the first thing I did was go and pick up my Application for Permanent Residence. **
This is the information they ask you for in this form:

  • Name, previous names, address, nationality, sex, marital status, date of birth, country of birth.
  • Details of wife, unmarried children and dependants. (All details to be given whether or not members are to accompany applicant to Belize)
  • Your date of arrival to Belize and port of entry, address in which you reside, country of last residence.
  • Amount of capital held (include bank statements)
  • They want to know if you can make an immigration deposit equivalent to the cost of transportation to your country or origin (if they need to deport you for some reason) I'm saying No, I do not have enough money to leave for an emergency deportment, because it's true. I guess I'll find out if that's a huge problem or not.
  • They want to know "particulars" of any temporary employment and permit. I don't know what that means.. so I just made a copy of my work permit and hope that's answers their question.
  • They'd like you to list any mental illnesses or physical disabilities of anyone in the family or dependants.
  • Education, languages spoken, special skills
  • Particulars of all your employment since leaving school, as well as particulars or service in the Armed Forces. (I've had over 30 jobs in my life, I'm listing the most recent three)
  • Proposed employment in Belize., proposed employer, address of proposed employer.
  • Amount of capital available for transfer to Belize (I guess this is the same as "amount of capital held?")
  • Passport particulars for applicant only (passport number, date of issue, place of issue, date of expiry.
  • And the last thing they want to know is how you plan on supporting yourself.

In addition to the application, you also need:

  • Evidence that you have been in the country legally for one year prior to application (this is where they want you to copy EVERY page of your passport or refugee card)
  • An immigration fee (I hear it's $2,000bz)
  • Alien Registration for yourself and members of your family over the age of 16 if you remained in the country for at least 6 months.
  • Recent police record for yourself and all members of your family over the age of 16. To obtain a Belize police record you must have been in the country for at least 6 months For the police report you need to fill out another application that pretty much just asks about your passport information and where you come from. You need to have 3 passport size photos of yourself to turn in with the application. I dropped my app off on Friday and picked it up today (Monday) at 4pm. (If you get your police record checked in Belmopan a up at 4 to pick it up, don't show up earlier. They seem pretty strict about their pick up time.The record itself just lists my name and passport number and says that I do not show up in their record. The fee is $25bz)
  • Documentary evidence that you ave acquired land in Belize or that you have access to land if you make such a claim. (Obviously, if you're just renting this doesn't apply to you)
  • Certificate of health including HIV, VDRL, and TB for you and all members of your family. ***
  • Three recent passport size photographs of yourself, wife and children if they are to be included.
  • Wife/husband's birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Sworn declaration of support (from husband or common-law husband)
  • Recent local bank statement or otherwise where means of financial support is not indicated.
  • Temporary employment permit if you are or wish to engage in gainful employment.
  • Income tax statement.
All tests must be in Belize. Photographs of all original documents need to be submitted along with originals.

 Once you have all of that information, you can drop off your application. It should them take about two weeks to call you for an interview, and then you need to have a formal interview with the police. I'll post about it once I get that far.


  1. so its been a year, were you granted permanent residency? if so , how much did you have to pay in fees in total? do you feel telling them you didnt have enough money to buy a ticket out of belize was a good idea? after all if you cant afford a flight out, how can you afford to stay? if a "gift payment" to an official or several to approve your application , how much was it?

  2. I paid $1,000 for the application fee and that was it.
    There was a cost for the medical check-up, and the cost of photocopies.... but that's really all of it.

    No, I didn't tell them I can't afford a ticket home - that would be dumb.
    I did not bribe anyone - I did it by the books and am now a resident.

  3. Hello,
    Just curious how you obtained a work permit cause we have been here almost a year and have even been denied a volunteer work permit. Did you have to have a US bank statement as we have tried to get a bank account here and have had no luck. We also would not have the money to fly us all back home at this time. How should we try to fill out our forms where they ask if we could make a deposit of money for that? Thank you for any help. My email is living4jcnow@gmail.com if you would rather email me. Thank you,

  4. Hello Carrie, Please how long did it take you to get your permanent residency after submitting the list of requirements. How many months of waiting? Thanks

  5. Hello Carrie!

    How was the police interview? What did they ask?


  6. Hey! Sorry for the slow reply.. The interview was ridiculously simple. They seriously asked me questions directly from the form I had filled out already - Where do you come from? Why do you want to move here? Is all of this information correct? Have you ever been in any trouble here?
    SO, so simple

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