Wednesday, June 6, 2012

6 hours of travel time to get to San Pedro for the weekend

I went to San Pedro for the weekend to see some friends and try to make a few work contacts for when my residency goes through and I'm allowed to get a job again. (My interview is tomorrow!)
Ahhh, San Pedro

I headed out of my house at 9:25am on Friday morning and got to the end of the driveway at 10:05, just seconds before the bus showed up. I paid $9bz to get from my stop in Alta Vista all the way to Belize City - about a 2 1/2 hour ride. From there, I took a $7bz cab to the water taxi terminal and bought a round trip ticket to San Pedro for $49.50bz.

I had about 20 minutes to kill before the boat left, so I walked around the terminal area, where they have a few small restaurants and stores that sell sun block and snacks and stuff like that, and let some guy talk me into buying a beer and chatted with him about the crime in the city while I drank up.

The water taxi left at 1:15 and we go to San Pedro around 2:45.... so it took me just over 6 hours to get from home to San Pedro.

My cute peek-a-boo buddy on the water taxi

I could have napped as soon as I got there - buses and boats make me SO sleepy - but instead, I headed to BC's on the beach to have a few drinks with some friends before going to the house I was staying at to get cleaned up for dinner.

the pool where I crashed for the weekend

We had dinner on the rooftop deck at Hurricane's and had an awesome lightning show the whole time. If I had a better camera, maybe I could have gotten some really nice shots... but I don't, and I didn't. (You know that I accept gifts, right?)

Yes, please.

After dinner we stopped at Pedro's for a hot minute to say hello and Happy Birthday to Peter, and then for one more drink at AJ's on our way back to the house. I slept like a champ.

On Saturday morning I had breakfast at Ms Sarah's and then went sailing with friends - just from the sea side of the island, down around South, and then to dock on the lagoon side. The weather was dreary and there wasn't much wind, so we didn't "sail" so much as "motor," but I just love being on a boat, so it was still fun.

Scootin along through the drizzling rain

We docked and drank at a bar I'd never been to before, the Barrel Bar.

Ignore the man body in this shot - thats the Barrel Bar

I LOVE this bar! It's just a small, basic bar over the water - but they have a jukebox (a lot of good Spanish songs and some Pink Floyd, from what I heard) and they have these huge iguanas that come up to the fence behind their liquor shelves and grub food. Plus - and I'm purposely not being specific about this - it smelled really good in there.
you can kind of see an iguana back there...

roadside signs for Barrel Bar

After the Barrel Bar, it was back to the house for a little dinner party. Everyone got there around 5 and we made fish tacos with fresh tortillas from Leonel's Corn Tortilla Factory.
Around 7 o'clock I decided to sneak away for a 10 minute nap on one of the couches.... but when I went inside, both of the couches were already occupied by people who had the same nap plan as me, so I went to my bedroom.... and I woke up at midnight.
Everyone else was either gone or sleeping somewhere else in the house, so I just watched a couple of episodes of Seconds Before Disaster and went back to bed... until about 10am.

What can I say - I love to sleep.

it's true.

It was rainy on Sunday morning, but the sun was out by noon and I really wanted to go up North to Jolly Rodgers while I was in town. The owners are so nice and laid back, and they always have some kind of food cooking and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

I love their dogs, too


and Stinky!

The next stop was at Wayo's for a few drinks, and then to Coconuts for a few more before going back to the house to crash out early once again, but that night I was noticing all the noises that used to drive me crazy when I lived in San Pedro and I didn't sleep as beautifully as the night before. There was a dog crying across the street all night, golf carts and trucks slamming through the pot holes, people laughing and yelling out on the streets - and the house isn't even on a main road. It made me kind of homesick for the chirping of the crickets and the whirring of the windmill back on the farm.

When I finally headed back to the mainland I took the 8:30am San Pedro Belize Express water taxi. I love when the boat is this empty

perfect amount of people

Once back in Belize City, I took a cab to the bus terminal and within 5 minutes was on a bus heading to the Belmopan terminal (for $3bz) so I could get off there and go have lunch at my favorite spot, Formosa.

I had my usual there - a chocolate milkshake and a chicken salad sandwich, then went back to the terminal and hopped on another bus heading to Punta Gorda. I told the conductor I was getting off at Alta Vista and he charged me $4.... which means someone Gringo'd me on my way to Belize City on Friday morning and got an extra $2bz. Just an observation.

I was walking up my driveway by 4:20, and after stopping twice - once to hide in the shade for a few minutes and once to take a drink from the water spigot on my neighbors property, I was home by 5:30.

6 hours to get to San Pedro, and 9 hours to get back.

It was good to be back and to see so many familiar faces, but I think maybe I'll just stick to Tobacco Caye and the more Southern islands the next time I want a beach get away - I'm still tired and my butt hurts from the busses, golf carts, and water taxis!

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