Friday, June 8, 2012

Updates - The Chicken and the house

Camilla is just about 9 weeks old now, and yes, she is a female. I'm certain of this because the other chick that hatched the same day as her totally looks like a mini rooster

he already has a tiny comb on his head and a waddle

Camilla is still managing to gimp around even though she looks a little overweight to me and her legs seems to be getting worse

my big, fat, broken hen

She usually hangs outside under the house all day and comes crying at the door when the sun goes down so she can get some lovin before going to sleep in her extra large cat carrier that we keep on the back verandah. (She likes when we open the cat door so she can hop through.)

We now have 15 new baby chickens running around and they all seem to be doing fine.... we would have had 16 but  one disappeared. We think she was picked up my a hawk or a possum, the poor thing.

On to the house!

Today has been an awesome day, mostly because I got to take a shower.... IN MY HOUSE!!!
It. Was. Amazing.
All we need to do in  the bathroom is touch up a few spots with some paint, finish sealing the floor, get some cabinets built, and it's DONE!

bathroom 1

bathroom 2

The next finished room will be the kitchen - we just need to get another water pump so we have better pressure in the sink, and we need to finish the floor.

kitchen 1

kitchen 2

kitchen 3


We're still waiting for our furniture guy to make the bedroom closets and the bathroom cabinets, and then we'll have him get started on the living room furniture. It's actually starting to feel like a real house in here and not some weird, unfinished shack!

The road and the outhouse are getting a lot of attention this week.


you could fit a body in that ditch

Tomorrow we'll take Julio and Fernando, our two little friends from the village who come to work for a couple of hours on Saturday mornings, down to the river to go rock hunting so we can get started on the kitchen floor soon.
We've become obsessed with river rocking everything.

Start planning your visits, my friends - by the time it gets cold in the States, I should have a nice, cozy spot to put you up while you come explore Belize!

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