Thursday, June 7, 2012

Immigration Interview

Today I finally went for my interview with immigration.

(see Permanent Residence in Belize part 1 and News Breakdown updates, pictures and Permanent Residence part 2 to see how I got to this step.)

Other than my file not being in the interview room when it was my turn to go in and having to go downstairs to ask someone to find it for me, everything went surprisingly smooth.
*** quick change of subject for a sec - was that last sentence supposed to end with "surprisingly smooth," or "surprisingly smoothly." ? It's bothering me.***

So, anyway, it was super simple and the Immigration Officer was really nice.

He just copied down some information from my passport and asked me a few questions - he already had most of the information on my application, but whatevs. I told him my phone number and address, I just guessed a number for my "amount of total assets," told him my education level (he perked up when I mentioned that I'm a trained massage therapist, and was clearly bummed when I told him I'm not working anywhere right now,) showed him my work permit stamp, named my caretaker when he asked if I know anyone in Belize, and when he asked, "Why do you want to live in Belize?" I answered honestly - "Because I love it here - the people are nice, the weather is nice... I just really want to stay."

That was pretty much it. Totally easy.

As I was leaving the interview office, another guy, who I had earlier mistaken for a file clerk, was coming in to make sure I had been taken care of, and introduced himself as the last guy I have to meet with during the permanent residency process - the guy who stamps my passport.

I asked if he could speed up the process at all and he just laughed and said he'd look for my name on his desk in a few weeks.

From what I understand, I have two more things to do now - Have another interview with the police (they should call me in about 2 weeks to give me an appointment) and then just wait until someone from immigration calls to tell me that I've been approved and to come get my stamp!
It should take about 2-3 months, after the police interview, to get my call from immigration... unless my new buddy pulls some strings for me.


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