Saturday, June 16, 2012

A terrifying walk through the orchard


So, this damn dog, Clive ( I think her real name is Sheba) won't go home. She only used to follow  Lobo up here once in a while, and she'd always go home when it got dark out... but now she won't leave. It's been, like, four days.

I wouldn't care that she spends so much time here if she didn't mess with my cats, but she does, and now they're afraid to go outside to do their business. We can't have that.

I decided to take Clive for a walk back through the orange orchards behind the house this morning so Bubby and Muffin could sneak out for a bit.
I put on my big, green rain boots and whistled for her to follow me, and she was totally stoked. She was bouncing around like a rabbit the whole time, running ahead of me and then turning back to make sure I was still following her, jumping in and out of the bush and splashing in mud puddles. I admit, even though she's annoying and I want her to go home, she's pretty cute.

We turned right when we got to the top of the hill at the end of our property and walked down the path, past the loading ramp that the farmers use to get oranges into the back of their wagons, and back downhill, deeper into the orchards. 
Some thunder started grumbling and and the wind started picking up within minutes, and I started wondering why I didn't think to grab my umbrella. Or my camera.

When you get to the bottom of the hill, you can either keep going straight or turn left. The path straight ahead was skinnier, more overgrown, and uphill. To me, that path looked like bugs and effort. I chose the path to the right.

I could tell the storm was getting closer - the thunder shook the ground and sounded like a jet flying right over me and I felt like I was walking through flashes of lightning. I kept expecting to see a bolt knock down a tree or something.

I only walked for another minute or so before I noticed an old school bus parked on the right hand side of the path, under a tree. I could only see the back corner of it from where I was.
I don't know if it was because of the storm or what, but I had an eerie feeling come over me. I just stopped and stood there for a minute.

I've seen the bus before - I went for a ride with the boys a few months ago, the only other time I'd been back there, to collect some water and we drove by it. It looked like some farmers just used it to store some supplies so they don't have to carry everything up and down the hill with them when they come to work.

Today, though.... as I was standing there, I heard voices. People arguing in Spanish, inside the bus.

I snapped my fingers to get Clive's attention and started walking back towards home. As I was leaving, someone started screaming. Like, SCREAMING at the tops of their lungs. No words - just screaming.

I'm not saying anyone was murdered, but that's what it sounded like. I don't know what kind of person the scream sounded like it was coming from, either. It could have been a grown man, scared out of his mind.... but also maybe a woman or a young child having the nastiest temper tantrum ever.

I definitely didn't stick around or go see what was happening, I hauled ass out of there and only calmed down when I could see the house and determined that no one was following me out of the orchard.

Soooooo..... there ya go. That's the crazy story of the day. I'll tell Robert about it when he gets home - maybe he'll be brave (dumb) enough to go check it out and I can get an update.


  1. I just hope whoever was screaming was Ok. That definitely does not sound good! POst an update when you can!

  2. How crazy, good job you and Clive hightailed it out of there.