Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back Online!

I don't really have anything specific to post about today - but I'm so stoked to be back online! Five days without internet access at home was too much.... I now know that I can live without TV, but getting online is an absolute necessity in my life. At least for now, anyway.

I did go ahead and get my hair dreaded on Thursday - but you don't get any pictures yet. Sorry.
After 6 months (December) I'll post before, during the process, and after pics.

The girl that did them for me, Marley, used thread to just wrap up between 30-40 sections of hair, and I'm going back to see her again in two weeks for the second and final wrap. I left a section of "bangs" and so far I just straighten them and pin them up or tuck them in my bandana, which I'm now wearing for the next four weeks while the hair tightens. I never in my life thought I'd travel 2 1/2 hours, by bus, to get my hair done.... but I find myself doing lots of things that I never thought I would do here... so it fits.

Marley's little dog, Chloe

My new girls are doing really well here on the farm... except for a chicken incident that I'd rather not go into details about, I couldn't ask for better dogs. (Camilla wasn't involved)
They don't usually try to follow the truck down the driveway when we leave - but on Wednesday afternoon I met Trip and Robert down at the bus stop after I spent the morning in Dangriga and little Clem was with them. Apparently when they left the house all three of them started chasing the truck. They just told Mama to go home and Lopey followed her, but Clem wanted to go for the ride.

Clem at the river

She liked dipping her toes in, but when I took her into deeper water to swim, she didn't seem too into it. I'll have to bring all three of them down one day, maybe she'll feel safer if she sees Mama doin it. 

Another thing she did NOT enjoy was the ride back up the driveway. We made it about 3/4 of the way up before she got sick and I got puked on. 

Well, even though I'd like to spend all day curled up in bed and scrolling through everything I've missed on Facebook for the past few day, I have to get ready to go to a birthday party for Fernando down in the village. (And by get ready I mean take a nap)
I'm going to the post office tomorrow to check for more postcards!

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  1. I can't live without the internet either!! I hardly watch TV, but I can't be without the internet. I like to read a lot too.
    Watch your dogs around the chickens if they killed one--that is hard to break a dog from doing.

  2. It's like getting your newspaper delivery resumed. Welcome back!


  3. Seriously - I've rejoined the (online) world!

    The chickens are getting a nice sized, fenced in area TOMORROW... they have a decent sized coop but they've gotten so used to roaming the full property, but they'll have to settle for a chicken lounge outside of the coop or something.
    Mama is so good when we're outside with her.... but we can't be out there all day, unfortunately.

    I think (and hope) she'll calm down as time goes on and she'll realize that the chickens are off limits.