Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fruits and Trees in Belize

enormous green caterpillar

I wasn't aware that Belize has it's own type of apple....

Small, red, slightly squishy, and imperfectly round

I was hesitant to try it because it reminded me of the Cashew Fruit, which I find disgusting, but I was happily surprised to find sweet deliciousness inside!

The texture is different than any apple I've ever tried before - it feels more like biting into a cantaloupe or honeydew melon, and it's way sweeter than any regular apple, too. We will definitely be planting the seeds and growing our own apple trees now that the greenhouse is up and running.

Last weekend, when we were down in the village for Fernando's 12th birthday party, we drank some of his father's Craboo Wine.

Craboo fruit

The fruit itself is pretty gross, I think. 
It isn't juicy as much as it is oily, and it dries out my mouth when I eat it.... I can't really explain that part as well as I want to. It does the same thing to my mouth as the Cashew Fruit. 
I don't know - if anyone knows the feeling I'm talking about and can describe it better for me, please do.

It's very tasty as a wine, however. To make it - they fill a 5 gallon bucket with craboo, five pounds of sugar, and 3 gallons of water. It soaks for about three months, and then they add another five pounds of sugar. 
Three months after that, they strain out the seeds and bottle it. 
You've probably guessed by the amount of sugar that it is very, very sweet. And you are correct.

 We were sent home from the party with clippings from a bunch of pretty flowering plants and a bag full of avocados from their trees

In a few more weeks we'll be able to get a sample from their Noni tree and start growing our own "super fruit."

"Known to the ancient Polynesians as the Tree of Life, the Noni fruit tree was spread across the Pacific by the steady East to West Polynesian migrations over thousands of years. Those early Polynesian voyagers and explorers migrated across the Pacific Ocean in their canoes searching for new islands. They always took their most important possessions with them on these voyages, and one of the most prized possessions was seeds of the noni tree. This was their medicine kit, and was planted everywhere they went. The juice from the Noni tree was used for all types of healing and topical applications. Many of the applications are mimicked today by our customers, who continue to be amazed at the versatility of the Tree of Life, Noni juice." From Tree of Life

Little Justin on a big tractor


  1. Debbie carmichaelJuly 7, 2012 at 4:18 PM

    Thanks for your post on the noni frit with the added photo. I didn't know what kind of fruit this was. I took a picture of one when I was in Belize in Feb,but had no clue what it was. Until I read your post. Now I can add a name to it. I had heard of the benfits of this fruit before.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hey, no problem Debbie!
    I knew what they were but not what they looked like up until last weekend

  3. Great article, I didnt know about that special Belize apple, it looks unnatural to me but I agree that could be really sweet and delicious. I eat only avocados bc I know they are healthy, have aphrodisiac effect (atleast on me) and give me great portion of healthy fats. PS: That craboo fruit looks weird but I would be happy to taste it somewhere in my life.

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