Monday, July 16, 2012

Lazy Sunday at the, Creek.

Roaring Creek, Cayo District

We took Mama, Clem and Lopey to the veterinarian in Roaring Creek village yesterday morning. Clem and Lopey needed their puppy vaccinations, and Mama got fixed - courtesy of the Belmopan Humane Society and Dr. Baptist. (I forgot to ask him if he works on chickens! Damnit!)

Leon and Jenny (the Australian guy who originally found Mama and the pups, and his Canadian friend who helped take care of them) met up with us at the clinic so they could see the girls before Mama went under.

We had a few hours to kill before she was ready to be picked up, so the four of us, along with Clem, Lopey, and Leon's big, hunky Pit Bull, Phoenix, picked up a couple of Red Stripe 6 packs and went to hang out by the river.

 Phoenix... making sexy-eyes at the camera

Phoenix LOVES the water - Leon was throwing him in, splashing him, throwing sticks -no, branches - into the water and he was jumping in and fetching them like a champ. I thought he was going to get stuck trying to swim up the current a few times, but he is SO strong

 Clem and Lopey weren't interested in the water at all, even after Leon took them in and tried to get them used to it.
They were probably exhausted from the car ride - they spent most of the afternoon just sleeping on the towel next to me:

There were a lot of locals down there, just hanging out and swimming, enjoying the nice day like we were. 
I learned from one of them that in the dry season, this place is totally different. He said that the creek dries up so much that it barely comes up to your knees at the deepest part and you can just walk right across with no problem. 

it's hard to imagine this all dried up....

It's so deep right now that a horse can completely swim around. I'm not kidding...

they swam a few laps around the deep spot together.

If I wasn't under strict instructions to keep my dreads dry for a couple more weeks, I would have gone to hang out with these kids...

I love jumping off of stuff!!

I have a video of three kids doing back flips.... but of course, I can't load it here to this post for some reason.
I'll try to get in onto youtube or something.... or if you know of another place to host it, let me know.


  1. roary wants to visit roaring creek! what are the rivers and creeks like as far as wildlife??? alligators? piranha? snakes? or is belize blessed??? i noticed the locals didn't go in the water during my visits to thailand, coasta rica, guatemala.... always thought it was strange; but then assumed they knew something i didn't.

  2. Roary needs to visit!
    The wildlife here is... well, wild. There are gators and snakes, for sure - and Ive heard that there are piranhas but Ive never come across those, thankfully.
    I won't go in unless the locals go in - they definitely know the spots better than I do!