Friday, July 6, 2012

Lunchtime at Mama Noots

About 6 miles down the Southern Highway, off of the Hummingbird Highway, you come to a dirt road that leads you to the Mayflower Bocawina National Park and Mama Noots Eco Resort.
(You may recognize the names from The Traveling Baby Chicken Part 2)

Once you turn off the Southern Highway, you drive another 3 or 4 miles west, into the foothills....

Past Teak Trees, orange orchards, raw jungle, and the Welcome Building for the Park.....

The weather is kind of iffy today - not really a good day for a hike to the waterfalls because of the constant chance of rain, but Mama Noots has a nice little bar and restaurant open to guests of the park... and since I had Mama Firefly with me and she did pee in the grass, I consider myself a guest of the park.

Even the parking lot is pretty here

I saw two gorgeous little hummingbirds while walking down the path to the restaurant, but they were too quick for my camera ...

I love the inside of the is place - it's huge and screened in, so you can still see all the wildlife outside while you're eating. I can see myself spending a lot of time in here if I ever decide to rent a cabin and stay for the night.

We were talking to one of the guys who was in there on his lunch break and I mentioned that I met a kid named Ronald on the bus one day who told me about his brother, Cesar, who built the zip line here. It turns out it was Cesar who we had been talking to, and he was nice enough to show me the inside of one of the bungalows

The large one was occupied, so we checked out the smaller one - two bedrooms and a bathroom, really all you need considering you only sleep there.

They have a really good deal for the summer months - only $39US per night and it includes your meals.



  1. what a beautiful place! Im so happy you took Mamma Fire Fly with you. You are such a sweetie.


  2. She's a sweet girl - we would've taken the pups, too, but they were busy playing when we left and had no interest in following us.
    They all seem to enjoy car rides... until we go back up the driveway.

  3. This is absolutely lovely! A little piece of paradise in an otherwise metropolitan area, a getaway for people who cant afford expensive vacations!