Saturday, July 21, 2012

Postcards and presents!!

Yesterday was the best post office visit for me yet - 12 postcards, a magazine from my dad, and a little care package from Uzbekistan that included two more postcards, a stamp, and a bunch of little stickers!

From Georgy in India:

A Vallam (houseboat) in Kerala, India, complete with bio-toilet and on-board chef!

The stamps - I can't get good pictures of them unless my camera is on the "text" setting.

From Robert in the Czech Republic

Central Prague - the Vltava River, Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle, where their president lives.

Roses and a... half goat, half fish? I don't know what it is, but I like it.

From Peter in Sweden (I think)

The Oresund Bridge betweed Sweden and Denmark. Look this up - it goes underground! Oresund Bridge

I love the ice cream cone, and the fishing lure is pretty cool, too.

From Vera in China

I love this card - the dress, the mandolin, the bench she's sitting on - all of it.

Pretty stamps, too!

And a blurry picture of the cute panda sticker she put on there

From Iga in Poland

Chopin's Monument in Warsaw and the Royal Castle.

No stamps on this one for some reason.

From a 17 year old in China (I don't know here real name)

This reminds me of an old painting I had... which must have been REALLY old because I bought it at an estate sale at the home of a 90 year old man.

Cool stamp - blue sky and water, yellow sun beam, green grass, and a light blue bird

From Roman in Russia

I love this fat little bird! I think it's called a Bullfinch.

The best stamps on one card so far - mushrooms, the beach, a Rapunzel-like chic and two castles.

FIVE cards from my friend Roary in PA, from her travels over the years

Breast/Ovarian Cancer Awareness

A fun, artsy one from Tucson, Arizona

Snowy Bisbee, Arizona

Aaahhhh, Costa Rica. Definitely on my Bucket List

A Long Neck hilltribe woman playing her guitar in the North of Thailand.
Another place I'd love to visit.

All of Aurora's cards had these cute little Aloha stamps on them. Love! (Thanks, Roar!)

From Igor in Uzbekistan

2 postcards, nail stickers, a stamp, and 7 stickers!
Thank you, Igor - I will send something fun out to you next week!

Urban Farm Magazine... from my dad :)

Our greenhouse was built because of the first issue he gave me, I can't wait to see what we get out of this one!

The article Can Ya Dig It? mentions the authors first encounter with trench composting - in the jungles of Central America while staying in BELIZE!

I gotta say, this postcard swapping thing is more educational than I realized it would be. Every time I get a cool card from somewhere I've never been I look up whatever image is on the card and learn something about it.
I bet my Jeopardy skills have even improved a bit because of it.

I also don't know what's up with all the empty space in this post - it looks fine in the draft but when I post it... lots of space. Hmph.


  1. How cool! Love all the postcards (and stamps) you are receiving. Very educational indeed! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. Very cool Carrie. I love that Chinese one!

  3. My favorite so far might be the house boat one from India.
    Thanks for reading :)

  4. nice stuff,nice blog.

    are u living in belize?? nice country, i used to have a penpal there too.

    i have a lot of postcards to send to my penfriends....and other stuff to swap with my penpals.
    if interested, pls check out my blogs and contact me.thks
    ** hugs from Portugal.

    1. Hey! Nice to hear from you :)
      I AM in Belize... going through a slight transition of homes at the moment, but when I get to where I'm going, I'll be back into regular postcards swaps, for sure!

      Keep in touch and say hi once in a while - I'll try to send you something soon :)

    2. HI!!
      I can check me out at 2 of my several blogs.

      i'll love to hear from u there too, and when u are back to belize pls let me know ,so we will b able to swap some snail mail/postcards, if u want, of course!!

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