Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quick Kriol Lesson

You can still talk about me in Spanish and I might not understand what you're saying - but I'm onto the Kriol!


Backra - White person - as in: white people in tropical climates get raw backs (sun burn)
Chinchi - a little bit
da -  Is, am, are
deh - There
noh - Don't
Gyal - girl
Bwai - boy
teef - Steal
Ju/Jurs - You/yours
Wi or Wii - We or us
Alawii - us, 3 or more - (all of us)
Wai? - Why?
Fihuu? - Whose/ for whom?
Kallij - College


"Wen puss no deh, rat take place." (When the cats are away, the rats play)
"If wa cow neva no ih cu swalla ɡrass, ih neva mi wa try it" ('If the cow didn't know that he could swallow grass, he wouldn't have tried it)
 "Hii da wa sikli lii tiŋ weh kiaa iiven maʃ wa ant." (He is a sickly thing that can't even mash an ant)
"Fowl caca white en tink e lay egg." (A chicken mistakes her white droppings for an egg - said of a politician or other self important person.)
 "Weh you gwan?" Where are you going? <--- awesome website all about Kriol language, culture and history.
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