Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rumors Resort in San Ignacio

On mile 2 1/2 on Benque Viejo Road in the Cayo District, sitting on top of a hill surrounded by views of the Maya Mountains, is Rumors Resort Hotel.

Gorgeous views and beautiful landscaping? Yes
Free wifi? Yes
Air conditioning? Yes (optional)
Fair rates? Yes (VERY fair, I think)
Nice rooms? Yes
Bar/Restaurant? Yes
Outdoor dining? Yes
Friendly staff? Yes
Quickly reply to emails? Yes
Close to attractions? Yes
Pool? Not yet, but they have plans for one, as well as a kiddie playground, 6 additional, upgraded rooms, and a scenic elevated wooden deck along with fully operational food and beverage facilities and tours desk.

My room... comfortable, full size bed, bedside table, desk with chair, enormous walk-in closet, cute bathroom, meticulously clean.

I had already eaten dinner before checking in, so I haven't tried the restaurant yet - but around 8 o'clock this evening a girl knocked on my door to see if I needed anything (water) and to ask if I would want breakfast in the morning. She showed me the menu and said they'd have it ready at whatever time I want. (I'll be trying the cheese and bacon stuffed omelet and a cup of coffee at 7am)

My only suggestions to the owners would be to add small refrigerators in the rooms (there's plenty of space for one) and to replace the mirror in the bathroom in room number 7 - which I'm sure they'll do soon because this place seems to be very well taken care of.
I'm just bummed that it isn't here NOW because... how's a girl supposed to play with her freshly tightened dreadlocks without a mirror?!?!

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  1. Thanks for the blog Carrie. I was doing a google search of our hotel when I stumbled across this blog. We are glad that you enjoyed your stay with us. We are currently updating our website with lower rates, pictures, etc.
    Yes you are right, that mirror needed replaced and it has been replaced with a larger, heafthier one.
    My plan has always been to add a mini fridge as you mentioned and to make that walk in closet into a little prep area for coffe, etc.
    That room has been equipped with a sofa for more comfort to our guests.
    We are constantly upgrading our facilities and keeping then well groomed. We are making progress, slowly but surely.

    Thanks once again.