Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sex sells, eh?

Ok, so I've been wracking my brain for ways to make money.... What can I do? I can't legally work here in Belize until I become a permanent resident, and I haven't found any work-from-home opportunities online that I qualify for because I'm not in a "participating country.".

I thought about starting a consultation service company for people looking to travel to, invest in, or move to Belize because I feel like I've stocked up quite a bit of knowledge during the 4 years I've been coming here- but do you know how many people are doing that and how long it takes to build up a client base?? Besides, I don't feel comfortable charging people money every time they want to ask me something. If you have a question and I can answer it for you, I will. No fee. (Donations accepted, however)

So tell me what you think of this idea....

Me as a pin-up.....Pin-Up Postcards?

Picture this pin-up style girl (it'd have to be me. sorry, I can't afford to pay models) but at different locations in Belize - plenty of beach shots, of course - but also at the Mayan Ruins, the rivers and waterfalls, wherever.

I got the idea through that postcrossing thing I told you about. Like I said, I have people from all over the world asking me to send them a postcard from Belize, and I notice that on a LOT of their profiles, they mention that they love pin-up.... 

Of course, I'd have to charge a few bucks for the cards I want to make, and I have to find a good photographer here that wouldn't charge me gringo prices or that would be willing to shoot for free and split the profits with me.... and I'd have to figure out a way to get a wardrobe together...and find a fair, decent printer....

Ok I haven't worked out all the details, but what about the IDEA?

Would you pay a few bucks for a pin-up postcard from Belize? Do you know one of the many, talented photographers here in Belize personally? Could you hook me up with a contact?

 Think Betty Page!

I don't need a LOT of money... just enough to get me around the country and start a little savings account for my questionable future.... so I ask again, What do you think?

*This is so MY idea, if anyone in Belize starts coming out with pin-up postcards without having me involved, I'm gonna be pissed! I'll come find you with a copy of this post and demand justice and compensation! :)

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Great idea from one of my Fb friends - use the idea to make a little money AND to donate to a worthhy cause here in Belize... Maybe every beach photo that gets sold get a portion donated to Save the Reef and photos of Ruins sold get s portion donated to the NICH foundation or something....

*MY pin-up picture was taken by LaneyLanePhotography


  1. I think it is a ossum idea

  2. I have a few thoughts on this business subject.
    my e mail is - send me an e mail and we can discuss ideas.

    PS love the blog.

  3. Hey…that was MY idea! OK, so I’ve dawdled so long that now I’m too damn old to be my own model – and can’t afford to hire one - but …it was still on my ‘list of possible money making ventures’! {smile}
    Drop me a line and we can compare notes on OUR postcard idea! I’m just ‘up the road’ from you! Jungle Lady

  4. I think it's a great idea. Have you tried searching model mayhem for a photographer? I'd love to volunteer but I just don't think I could get away for a week. :-( It's a crucial time for me to stay here and try to make some money too. I wish you the best and I think you can definitely get a photographer to participate TFP (Trade for Portfolio) Laney

  5. Just wishful thinking, Laney - you're the best :)
    I'll check out model mayhem.... I wonder if I still have a profile on there.
    Give that little man of yours a squeeze for me!

  6. why not write a book bout your experiences here and use pin up pics in it?
    Love post card idea, what about fridge magnets too?

  7. Id love to write a frikkin book one day.... and I like the magnet idea, especially since I used to collect them, myself, and always loved pin-up ones.
    Thanks, Laurie!

  8. Always considered moving to look at you and I know it's the right decision. :-() From PA too.

  9. Belize is pretty sweet!
    What part of PA?

  10. West Chester, PA. Used to go to South Street a lot in Philly. Now living in Orlando, FL. Next stop...who knows? Maybe Belize. Yaz

  11. HI my husband and I are tattoo artists moving to Corozal for the winter.
    I also have a degree in graphic design and love doing photography.

    It is an interesting idea it might give me something to do over the six months we are there. Could take the pics and if worse comes to worse print them when are back in Canada in the spring. However I am sure there are places to have them printed there. Take orders and have them printed as you need them maybe?

    Message me

  12. Sounds great, Cherie!
    I dont have an email address for you....

  13. Hi Carrie, the Photoshoot at Kama lounge 2 weeks ago has got me back into my photography, if you still want to do this give me a shout. Matt

  14. You should check out my friend Monica Gallardo for photgraphy.
    She's excellent with the whole "pin-up" look!

  15. Also, I've done some catalog work, modeling for fashion shoots, and a few fashion shows - so a know quite a few of the best belizean models. Most who would model for free, once they're able to add the photos to their portfolio. Email me if you need some contacts!

  16. I think its a great and idea - you should totally do it :)

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  19. Hi Carrie, the Photoshoot at Kama lounge 2 weeks ago has got me back into my photography Thanks for sharing <3 xx Send Flowers To OMAN

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