Saturday, July 7, 2012

Signs in Belize

I was going through some of my old albums on Facebook and decided to put together this post about some of the signs I've seen here in Belize.

I wonder if he always wears the hat when he's in the road....

No Molesting the Wildlife!


Anything that suggests a nap is fine with me

The employees at the Palapa Bar love their jobs!

I'm pretty sure all of the pics so far are from San Pedro, and I can't find the one fun one from Caye Caulker that says, "Please be safe. We have two cemeteries and NO hospital."
Here are some from the mainland:

yes, we are!

a lot of pharmacists have similar signs

Very odd speed bump signs in the Pine Ridge Mountains

I didn't see any flowers to sit on....

I pass things I want to take a picture of ALL the time, but I don't think the bus drivers would stop at 18 different places for me just so I can snap a quick picture and hold up the commute. Once I have my Jeep down here, maybe I'll go on a mission for signs around the country!


  1. the bump sign is the "sleeping policeman".YOu probably already knew that term

  2. The sleeping policeman! How fitting....

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  4. Thanks so much for reading :)
    Belize Hotel... where is that located?