Saturday, July 28, 2012

The problem with making plans....

I finally convinced Trip to go out and DO something with me today - lunch at Mama Noots and a hike up Lower Bocawina Falls.

We went to Dangriga first to pick up the fuel injector pump switch thingy that he needed for the truck, but it hadn't come in yet. Yeah, it should've been in on Tuesday or Wednesday... but this is Belize. We were told it would be there at 1:30.

On our way to lunch, down the dirt road that leads to the park, the truck kept shutting down and Trip would have to get out, mess around under the hood, and start it again. I could tell he was getting frustrated, and sweaty, so I suggested we skip the falls and just have lunch and go fix the truck.

As we were driving back to Dangriga, the guy from the auto parts store called and said the part wouldn't be in until 3:30 now.... so we went to Pelican Beach Resort for milkshakes.

They were set up downstairs for some kind of "event," so we were sent to an upstairs bar that I'd never been in before.

 the "event"

Upstairs view

This year Bowen  & Bowen Ltd is celebrating 50 years of bottling Coca Cola in Belize and in honor of their fifty years of service to Belize, the company has launched a traveling exhibit that encompasses 50 paintings from artist across the country. I saw able to see the exhibit at Pelican Beach today. Here's a few of my favorites.... I took pics of the artists names, but they didnt come out clearly... so if you see this and know the artist, please let me know so I can add their name.

We got the truck stuck in a rut on our way up the driveway and possibly ripped off the entire exhaust system... so plans have changed for tomorrow, too. Looks like I'm going to BACAB Eco Park by myself and spending the night in Belmopan!

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