Thursday, August 9, 2012

A few new things on the farm

Our first bunch of Sunflowers

Because Mama and the puppies enjoy chasing the chickens, and because they sometimes catch them and it isn't pretty, the guys are now building a special chickens-only grazing area to protect them from the dogs:

My gimpy chicken, Camilla, has been temporarily moved into the greenhouse until her own private section of land is fenced off. The rest of the chickens are mean and pick on her too much for her to be in the coop with them

She gets out and roams around, I think she digs it

I saw the biggest grasshopper ever on top of the greenhouse today - this thing was literally too big to fit in my hand.... not that I'd pick it up or anything.


I read Trip instructions for making a hummingbird feeder earlier and he made one for me to hang outside:

Made from recycled materials - and empty water bottle and empty butter can. 
I know it should be red, but all we had to work with were blue things, the birds will have to deal with it if they want that sugar water!

Another project in progress is the Kitty Pen - kind of like the large chicken area, but for Muffin and Bubby. And the turtle.

Future kitty area

Trip has all kinds of plans for the kitty area, including a door in the main bedroom that leads outside to ramps and shelves for them to hang out on and a nice pond for the turtle. 
He also has plans for a screened in pool area for us, which I'm totally looking forward to. 
He probably shouldn't have told me about it, though, because now I'll be bothering him weekly about when we're gona start digging the hole!


  1. I love your sunflowers, chicken pen and Trips very cool ideas for the kitties. The Kitties will totally love it.

  2. geez! rancho relaxo... now i really want to come help out (earn my keep)! suggestion for humming bird feeder: tie a ribbon/colored rag/etc. around the bottle, or move it next to brightly flowering tree/bush. don't forget the water gets hot and burns their lil' tongues, and that the sugar ferments w/in 3 days, don't want drunk humming birds slamming into your windows!!! ..., you probably know all that. just wanna make sure, love me some hummers!!!!

  3. They chickens have flown the coop! Is that the expression?
    They really have - they flew right the hell over! They're out there working on planB, I think.
    Roary, you are absolutely, totally, completely welcome to come down here and hang out any time you want!
    I didnt even think about the water getting too hot and the birds getting wasted - but before we made the sugar solution I read that if you boil it the fermentation process takes longer or something.
    No one's even checked it out yet, as far as I can tell. I'll have to go test the water.