Sunday, August 5, 2012

A good weekend before Ernesto shows up

Ok, so this is the latest update from Weather Underground
The country that has "8am Wed" printed in it is Belize, for those of you struggling with geography.

I just watched The Weather Channel's Tropical Storm Update and they say that Ernie has been downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm - so that's good news, I think.
I'm guessing a tropical storm can still do some damage....

Anyway, I made sure to get out this weekend since our driveway could possibly get (even more) messed up in the next few days and I might not make it back down for a bit.

I spent last night in Belmopan, at the Belmopan Conference Hall Hotel again - and I wish I had a really nice, awesome review about it... but honestly, I think it's seen better days. The guy who runs the place, George, is a sweetheart, I can say that for them.
Something else I enjoyed there were these cute little plant holders:


After checking out of there this morning I took a bus to Hattieville, where I was met by a girl named Tanya and her mom. (This was pre-planned, I didn't just meet some random chic and her mom at a bus stop) 
From there, we went to Bacab Eco Park, where they run their Butterfly House.

The welcome center....

The walk into the park...

The POOL....

The waterslide!

The butterflies...

You'll have to check their website to see more, or just come down here to visit and spend a day drinking by the pool, riding horses, kayaking.... they offer a little bit of everything, and I know I'll definitely be stopping by again soon.... weather permitting ;)


  1. have the boys reinforce yer green house, chica lobo! i am so falling in love with belize thru this site... how much to bring my 55lb pup into the country??? quarantine?? can you put me in e mail/ fb contact with lilly (dog recue/vet person)???

  2. Thanks for the pics and info on Bacab Eco Park. I've driven by the turn off at least 100 times and never new it was there. Guess I get into "getting home to Corozal" mode and zoom by. This place does look amazing, I'll have to pop in and chill out with a few beer, next time I'm driving by. The hurricane looks to have Corozal as its "bulls eye", time to take down the satellite dishes. Not worried about the house, it's solid concrete, but a little worried about flooding my property. Hopefully by this time tomorrow all will be over, but the clean up and most likely no power. Take care and I'm happy it is missing you. This will be our second hit, Dean being the first with 250 mph winds, you would not believe how it ripped the leaves off all the trees, toppling some. But within a few weeks most vegetation grew back. Thanks for keeping up your blog, I really enjoy it. :-)

  3. Roary - your pup will NOT have to be quarantined - thats one reason I decided to bring my cats, I dont think I would have done it if they'd have to be locked up for a month.
    Check Delta airlines for their price for your size/weight dog and yes, I can get you in touch with Lilly and send you all the links for the paperwork you'd need!
    Dave - I think it's over already! I heard from people in San Pedro who said they got serious rain and wind, but nothing too bad. Hopefully it's the same story in Mexico!
    I cannot even imaging 250mph wind - holy crap