Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dangriga Market gets an upgrade

The produce and fish section of the market - shut down!

The Market in Dangriga is always one of my go-to places when I'm in town. There you can find the freshest fruits and veggies for great prices - I usually spend less than $20bz and get enough food to last a week. (Potatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, etc)

My favorite vendor

I walked over to the market area when I was in town and browsed through the section of clothes and household items and bought myself three tank tops for $10bz

Non-food vendors - you can buy clothes, bags, socks, belts, jewelry, trashcans, bins, buckets, cds...

I wonder where all the food vendors are selling their products now - ya'd think they'd have a little temporary spot to set up while the construction of the new market is underway, but I didn't see them anywhere.

Anyway - here's what we have to look forward to when they're finished - a fancy new market with upstairs dining and more parking space:

The 1.4Million dollar project will  "rehabilitate the existing Ferro-concrete market building, including the fish section of the market, to improve the working conditions of the vendors, and provide an extension of approximately 2,000 square feet for additional stall space for some of the vendors presently occupying the market’s parking lot.  On completion of the project, the facility will have the capacity to accommodate approximately 41 stalls."



  1. I wonder if they are going to charge the vendors more so then the prices will go up? Hope not.

  2. I didn't even think of that.... thatd suck!