Friday, August 31, 2012

Doing this for the distraction, mostly

I'm not sure how great this post will be - but I'm trying to take my mind off of my sick puppy and my two workers who were shot BY THE POLICE last night. (I have no solid details yet, so that's not what the post is about)

Ummm.... I guess we'll just start with the new waffle joint and swimming hole in Belmopan:

Casa Cafe - 43 Forest Drive, Belmopan
Free wifi is always a plus!!

I'm a sucker for cute napkin holders

The beverages:

Bob's cappuccino with complimentary cookie

My java-chip mocha frozen coffee

The waffles.... YUM:

Me - plain ol' waffle with syrup and ice cream. SO GOOD.

Bob tried the waffle with fruit - the pink and white varieties of Dragon Fruit, Granny Smith apples, watermelon and banana.

If you're ever in Belmopan, give this place a try - the service was reasonably quick and the food really good! I'm not sure if the ice cream is homemade or not, but it tasted like it was.

After we ate, we went for a walk down a dirt road - which might still be Forest Drive but there was no sign.

Shoes on the wires - reminds me of home!

The swimming hole at the end of the road

I stood up after this picture and managed to lose a shoe in the process. It was ok though - Bob ran down stream and rescued it for me.

so clear and pretty.... a damn good spot.

 an enormous new building going up in Belmopan - anyone know what it is???

I parted ways with Bob after our walk and hopped on a bus to Cayo, where I stopped at the MayaWalk bar to cool off with a few bottles of Belikin. I talked to the owner, Jimmy, about finding a cheap hotel nearby that offered free wifi and he hooked me up with a great deal ($20us) at his place - Nefry's Retreat. (Small world - Jimmy is my friend Janell's uncle, and the hotel is right across the street from her house) 

This place is super cute and it's far enough out of town that you don't hear cars go by, but close enough to walk anywhere you want to go in San Ignacio.

the courtyard

The large room with everything you need - air conditioning, cable tv, fresh filtered water, coffee maker, instant coffee, comfortable beds, and a bathroom with good water pressure.

I was totally happy with the room - but the wifi did NOT work and I was a little perturbed about it because all I wanted to do was work on my assignment for the online class I'm taking and I wasn't able to.
If they get it fixed, I'll definitely be staying there again next month when I go to Cayo overnight. 
I went back out, since I couldn't get online, and had dinner by myself at Ko-Ox Han-Nah (really good cheeseburger with crunchy fries)

This place is a MUST try in San Ignacio. Most of their ingredients are organic - they have a farm nearby where they raise they're own lamb and pork, and they buy other meats locally. (They also do their own butchering and processing) They process local milk and make their own yogurt and feta cheese, and their salad dressings and curry sauces are all homemade as well.

They have a great menu, too - Belizean, Asian, Indian, and Vegetarian cuisine at fair prices.

I had to buy myself this necklace - a guy right outside the restaurant was selling them.

I ran into some people I know at a bar on my way back called Mr. Greedys and listened to stories about castrating horses, theft, home invasions, and murder. 

I just went back to Nefry's after that and fell asleep watching Scream 5 or 8... the one where Sydney's niece ends up being the killer.

In  the morning, I left early and stopped at the Belize Coffee Company for an iced vanilla coffee on my way to see Marley in Santa Elena.

2nd floor, Burns Ave

how fancy!

That's pretty much it for this week's Cayo experience.... 

When I got home yesterday, after stopping to say hi to Bob in Belmopan and having lunch at Windell's cafe in Steadfast, I found myself doing yet another thing I never thought I would do - walking barefoot through the mud in the Belizean jungle! 
It started pouring when I got about halfway up the driveway and my plastic Chinese "slippers" totally suck when they get wet, so I was better off being barefoot.

An ordinary night at home was interrupted around 11pm when we got a call about the shootings in the village.... 

All my readers - please pray for a guy named Bolo.... he isn't doing very well.


  1. Sick to hear about this. Sending healing thoughts his way.

  2. that is just awful about the shootings--I hope that Bolo recovers