Saturday, August 18, 2012

Perfect weather today = Pictures! says that it's 88 degrees here today, but it feels like 101.
I don't think it feels THAT hot, though - we have a nice breeze bowing through and it's totally comfortable outside. Nice and sunny with only a few clouds - a perfect day for pictures!

I tried to get a photo of the islands, but we all know that my camera kind of stinks for far shots...

Far away view of Macaroni Hill, Caribbean Sea

Zoomed in a bit, see the Sea a little clearer

Zoomed as far as I can go - see the islands on the left??

I spent some time outside with the dogs and chickens this morning - after doing my daily, morning chores of washing dishes, cleaning the kitty litter and feeding the cats.

It's not unusual to find a random machete sticking out of the ground around here

checking in on the greenhouse and the gimpy chicken

Hey... we have a Craboo tree! I see lots of homemade wine in my future

Speaking of homemade wine - this is Trips next batch, a Guava Cherry mixture....

Progress in the "community" bathroom

 Nice rock wall going up

Well... I guess I should get back outside and enjoy the rest of the day. Mama and the pups need a bath.

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