Saturday, August 25, 2012

The International Postcard Swap continues

I just LOVE going to the post office these days! Today I got THE best card ever, sent from my sister Shannon, along with 17 other cards from around the world....

Hahahahaaa.... my sister knows how to make my day!

From David in France - the Grand Prix De Monaco - these old race cars are so cool. I want one.

 Stamp from Monaco, December 2000

The stamp from France - Chateau De Crussol-Ardeche.

From Claudia in Barcelona - Wow! Look at that bench, designed by Antoni Gaudi.

Cool stamp - but look at that kitten sticker!!

Card 1 from Cara in Rhode Island - the capital city, Providence
Narragonsett Bay (top right corner) Kennedy Plaza (triangle shaped park in center)

Card 2 from Cara (thanks Cara!!!) Lighthouses of Rhode Island
The bottom left, Castle Hill Light, is my favorite!

From Radim in Czech Republic - the Moravskoslezke Beskydy mountain range

 My new favorite stamp!! Thank you, Radim!!

Card 1 of 2 from Hella in Ireland - Cork! 
I'm not sure where in Cork, exactly, but that's where my dad's family comes from!

"A typical view of West-Cork"  - the Emerald Island
Thank you, Hella!!! (I love the fish stamps, too, but can't get a decent pic!)

From Kate in Belarus - The Football Manege in Minsk

Gorgeous - from Don in Australia!!
He wrote so much information on the back for me, too!

crazy little Australian critter

Multi-views of Germany from Maren
Moselschleife and St. Goarshausen look SO nice!

cute kitties! Luchs?

12 views from the Black Sea in Bulgaria, sent by Fidel. Pretty!!!

From Anna in Russia - she says this card is of Kremlin of Yarosla vl'- Russian old city around Moscow

love the architecture on the stamps

A super cute promo card from Rebecca at! 
 We'll be getting together for some sort of joint-blogging adventure once I get my Jeep down here...

Ok... talk about amazing architecture...
This one is from Nana in Spain - all the spots that tourists need to see in Barcelona.

Another cool multi-view, this one from Dony in Holland!
He says it's boring there... but I don't believe him!

From Helga in the south of the Netherlands - her hometown, Someren.
I LOVE the cows and this is exactly what I picture the Netherlands to look like!

I got one little care package this week, from Mr. Wujianming in China:

I love their fancy envelopes

front of postard

the back.... Can anyone translate for me?

Hand painted.... again, I need a translator!

My friend Bob came back from his visit to Costa Rica and brought me back some cards from his travels...

Where Bob is moving to.... and where I'll be taking a 60 hour bus ride to visit!

El Salvador

El Salvador

To view ALL my postcards in one place, check out my Flickr link, HERE


  1. hey! we are ancestrally linked! Cork is a county on the south east coast of the emerald isle. i am of "The D'Traceys' of the County of Cork" or so i was told.... me mum is very irish, freckles and all. she almost named me tracey due to these people we come from, but settled on the very irish name rory. (roar-y is my adaptation, ima leo) ;)

  2. I missed this one! are getting a ton.

  3. This was a nice read, I too get asked this question all the time, but never answered it the way you have. When in Belize, the days just seem to suddenly vanish!!
    I'm so impressed with your willingness to go "pioneer", meaning you're living a great life without all the things the rest of us seem to see as necessities. Hey you're young and obviously very intelligent and you're having the experience of a always looking forward to your next post.
    I also must admit, I'm feeling guilty for not sending you a post card, I have a week left before my wife and I head home to Belize, so hopefully, you'll be getting a postcard from Toronto soon.

  4. It's hard sometimes - not having electricity all the time bothers me, and we're about to run out of water in the cistern, which makes me VERY unhappy! Our guys are supposed to figure out how to get our supply more consistent soon, though... hopefully dry season won't be too rough for us up here.
    I card from Toronto would be great! Canada reminds me of hockey.... and I love hockey :)

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