Tuesday, August 21, 2012

To Cave's Branch... For goats!!

It's so awesome how things work out sometimes.
We've been wanting goats for a while now but haven't had the money to buy any, so the idea was kind of pushed to the back burner for a bit.... until yesterday.

Our friend and neighbor, Ian (from Ian Anderson's Cave's Branch adventure company and jungle lodge) messaged me and asked if we were interested in taking a few of his goats off his hands - perfect!

Cave's Branch is always an amazing place to visit - I've been there only twice before - once for lunch when we first met Ian, and then again in April when my sister and I did the cave tubing tour there. (SO much fun!!)

The ride into Cave's Branch:

The welcome area

The Lodge

We ate lunch with Ian - salad, stewed chicken, rice, yum - and then enjoyed having his enormous pool all to ourselves for an hour or so while his guests were out on their adventures. Which reminds me - I want to do the Black Hole Drop!! No one seems to want to go with me, so I'll probably end up going solo sometime soon....

One of my favorite things on earth... a Pool Bar

Swimming under the bridge....

to the jungle waterfall area...

back the other way...

to the other pool down below and the river in the background.

When we were ready to get going, Ian took us to see his new cheese and wine tasting room, which is currently under construction but already looks amazing and will be ready in time for their September cheese making course. (They do a little bit everything here at Cave's Branch!)

On the way to get the goats....

Two, big, beautiful, sister farm dogs. Love.

The Anteater Area -
Ian's wife, Ella, rehabilitates injured anteaters here and releases them back into the wild. 

 Goats! And sheep!

girl goats!

Our goats!
The male is Dominguez, and the two females are Liney and Higby.

Almost ready to go....

Once the truck was all secured, I had to climb in through the ropes and sit on a bag of potting soil to ride back with then to make sure they didn't try to jump out while we were on the road.

Another first for me, here in Belize - riding down the Hummingbird Highway in the back of a pickup truck with three goats. If you told me five years ago that I would one day be traveling with goats in a truck in Central America, I would've thought you were crazy.... but the idea would have still sounded kind of fun...

drivin down the highway......

For pictures from the Cave's Branch Orchid Garden, check out my post from April, Botanical Garden and Baby Chicken Updates.


  1. I wondered how his goats were doing! I remember when he first got them and got interested in making cheese. I see that they look like Boer goats. I am surprised that he had any success milking them, as Boers are meat goats and their udders are not conducive to long term milking, not to mention that their lactation cycle is much shorter than that of a dairy goat. Did he have other types of goats as well? The other ones in the pics just looked like generic Spanish goats.

  2. I'm pretty sure they're all Boer goats that he has, and he said it's been difficult to get them all on the same milking schedule. I know he's buying cows milk from the Menonites for cheese and he's giving away other goats to his employees, who he will them buy the milk from when they start breeding.
    I've already named mine, so they are no longer meat goats :)

  3. COol. Goats are the best! I love mine!! My sheep are just....well...sheep. Meh. But my goats are my buddies! Of course I have my favorites, so I could sell the ones I am not super attached to if I had to, but I have a pretty good core herd. I would kind of like it to be a bit smaller, say 5 does, but my Nubians are the only ones I would want to sell and that would leave me with only hybrids. I am working on a line of NuMancha hybrids with good udders.

    1. Catdance I would be very interested in your nubians. My email is danjuan.juan at gmail dot com (there is no email linked to your profile...) Please let me know if they are still for sale!

  4. I may be coming to you with LOTS of questions.... :)