Saturday, September 29, 2012

I hate waiting!

Me and sleep haven't been getting along very well lately - so I've been up since 2:30 this morning.

It's now almost 9 o'clock and Trip is still in bed.... and I want to get on the road!!!
I've been waiting for a nice, sunny day to go to Placencia all week, and now that it's here - I want to go, NOW!!!

We could have gone yesterday, since it didn't rain at all, but Trip wanted to give the driveway another day to dry up so we don't slide and crash trying to get down.
I pouted,  but I know it was a totally reasonable decision.

Would it be totally bitchy of me to go grab a bus and meet him there when he's ready to come down?
It would be, wouldn't it? Damn.

Arg.Well, since I can't go out and take new pictures of Placencia just yet, here are some old ones from my first time there.

The Village Inn - cute sea side cabanas

View of the cabana from the sea

clear water and a BUNCH of starfish


What to bring to Placencia:

Extra batteries
Long sleeved shirt for night time breeze

I pretty much have ALL of those things in my bag all the time, so I don't even need to pack.... and I'm seriously ready to go!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Now on Youtube

I started a channel on youtube today - Belize Adventures

I only have two videos up so far.... but maybe I'll start filming more while I'm out and about.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, of course, I have plans to go to Placencia and Laughing Bird Caye....

 I found this map from Friends of Nature Belize

Would my readers like video of anything specific, or are you happy with pictures?

It's all about you, you know - whatcha want?

Clementine, just 'cause she's cute.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well crap, I guess I can go to bed now...

It's 4:30 in the morning, and I've been up all night.
(Good morning to friends in PA, it's 6:30 there, rise and shine!)

We're supposed to go to Placencia this morning and, from there, we're supposed to find a boat captain to take us to another island that I've not yet been to.... but I think the reason I haven't been able to sleep is that I keep waiting to see if it rains again or not.
Rain will completely ruin the entire day.

 Anyone know where I'm going?
(thank you, suite101 for the photo)

It's been raining off and on all week, and even though we got a few good hours of sunshine yesterday, the ground is still way too soggy, and the driveway is way too muddy, to get down in the truck.

I've been seeing lightning and hearing thunder in the distance all night, but now the wind is starting to pick up and the thunder sounds a bit closer.... so I think I'm screwed - for today, anyway.

I'll get there, though.... I've been promised a nice, one night get away as soon as the road dries up, and that's exactly where I want to go.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sayings that make sense now....

Every now and then I have a small revelation when I see something happening on the farm and I think, "Oh, that's what that means!"

Let sleeping dogs lie
It means - Don't instigate trouble; leave something along if it might cause trouble.

Here on the farm it means, "Don't open the door after dark because the dogs will wake up and start barking like lunatics."

Flew the Coop
It means - To escape, to get away, or to get out

Here on the farm it means, "Another damn chicken got out of the coop, and now someone has to go grab it before the dogs start chasing it"

Don't count your chickens before they're hatched
It means - Don't assume you will get something; wait until you actually have it to claim it.

Here on the farm.... it's simply a true statement and good advice.
Just because the chicken is sitting on 12 eggs doesn't mean we'll be welcoming 12 new baby chicks on the farm - some just don't make it.

All bark and no bite
It means - someone acts threatening or aggressive, but is unwilling to engage in a physical confrontation

Here on the farms it means, "Don't worry about Mama, Clem, and Lopey, they're loud, but they won't hurt you if you're invited here."

Like a Rooster in a henhouse
I love this definition from Urban Dictionary (they classify Rooster in a Henhouse as the same as the Biggest Dick in the Box)

"Man who believes and acts like he has the largest penis in a geographic area, and therefore, feels he rules over other men by size and can claim all the pussies in that area. Area can be defined as something as small as a party, niteclub, campus or town or larger geographic area over which the Biggest Dick in the Box feels he can preside."

Here on the farm it means... pretty much just that. The roosters will just jump on any hen they want, and they'll fight each other over one particular hen if they feel like they have to prove their dominance.

 Side note -
Chickens are pretty ruthless, I'm learning.
There's constant "chicken rape" and for some odd reason, a few days ago, all of the chickens pecked another one in the head until it died. Maniacs.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On the radio, every single day

Do you ever find yourself singing along to a song that you had no idea you knew the words to?

I've been singing along to this song - the Four Way Test - for months now... and I don't think I ever heard it before I moved here.... very catchy tune.

It's played on LoveFM constantly - we'll have the radio on for 8 hours and hear this song, literally, a dozen times. At least.

The Four Way Test is a "test" used by the Rotary and their members worldwide as a "moral code for personal and business relationships," and can be applied to almost any aspect of life...

"Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned
Will it build good will and better friendships
Will it be beneficial to all concerned
That's the Rotary's Four Way Test.

Now many years ago, 1932
His company was headed down; he knew not what to do
When Herbert Taylor started on a quest
To keep his team from certain doom, he wrote the Four Way Test

 Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned
Will it build good will and better friendships
Will it be beneficial to all concerned
That's the Rotary's Four Way Test.

Adopted some years later by Rotarians world-wide
Some super rules for dealing with the people by your side
A guide to life's decisions, no doubt one of the best
Just 24 quite simple words....
The Four Way Test

Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned
Will it build good will and better friendships
Will it be beneficial to all concerned
That's the Rotary's Four Way Test.

In the class or on the playground with your friends at school
You'll find that hurtful words and actions really aren't too cool
So as you make your choices of what to do or say
Remember that old Four Way Test, and you will be ok

Is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned
Will it build good will and better friendships
Will it be beneficial to all concerned
That's the Rotary's Four Way Test.

What a great lesson. More radio stations should play it all day long, I think!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Stars here are so.... Freaky!

About three and a half years ago, Trip and I went up to the Pine Ridge Mountain area for the first time and spent a few nights at the Pine Ridge Lodge.

"In the forest, next to the jungle"
Last cold beer on the way to Caracol?? We're in.

The lodge is a great place to stay if you want to spend a few days up there to check out Caracol, the Rio Frio Cave, Rio on Pools, Big Rock Falls, and the 1,000 Foot Falls. San Ignacio is close enough to get to, too, if you rent or take your own vehicle. 

It's too bad I didn't have my blog started that long ago - this was a great trip!
(Is it "allowed" in the blogging world to post about something you did over three years ago?)

Even though there's so much I can tell you about my time there, that wasn't the point of this post...
you can check out my album here - it includes all of the above mentioned stuff, as well as some pics from our time in San Pedro on that trip.

What I DID want to tell you about is the stars.... which, of course, I can't get pictures of.

Up in the Pine Ridge, late one night, I was bundled up under the covers in bed (it gets chilly up there at night!) and Trip was outside, looking at the stars.  (The stars look AMAZING from up there)

Now, Trip likes to drink at night, sometimes too much, as I thought was the case when he came inside and asked me to get out of bed and look at some star that was "bouncing around in the sky."

There was probably some bitching on my end, but I did end up getting up and going outside to see what he was talking about, and.... Holy crap, he was right! There was one star just going crazy - moving up and down, left to right, going around in circles, and fast!... It totally freaked me out.

We stayed up for a few more hours, going out often to see if it was still there - and it always was. It kept in the same rotation as the rest of the stars and the moon as they seem to move across the sky.

It was cloudy every other night that we stayed up there, and we didn't get to see the stars as clearly again as we did that one night.

We mentioned it to Rey, the caretaker/host/all around handy man at the Pine Ridge Lodge, and he said that, yes, sometimes the stars look like they're doing crazy things.

If you've ever done any research on the Maya and Alien encounters.... you might believe that what I saw was.... extraterrestrial. (UFO's visited Mexico?)
If you don't believe in any of that bunk, you might believe that it was some kind of man made satellite or something that was up there...

Fast forward to about 3:30 this morning.

I couldn't sleep, so I was out on the back verandah, sitting in my hammock chair, watching the clouds roll by through the valley, the lightning over the sea, and the stars....
(Weather watching is great from up here - if I had a professional camera last night I would have had some brilliant shots of the low clouds being illuminated by the light of the village.... *sigh*)

Anyway... there were FOUR stars acting like the one I saw up in the Pine Ridge.... two of them seemed to be communicating with each other because, while one was blinking and moving around all crazy, the other one "went out," and then the active one would stop and "go out," and the quiet one would come back on and star dancing around the sky.

Another one was just dancing around in it's own little spot in the sky, and the fourth one... the weirdest one, to me because I've been looking at this star for a few nights now - it's the brightest one and it's just been grabbing my attention when I go outside after dark.... it started moving, too - up and down, left to right, around in circles, and quickly...

Does anyone know what the heck I'm seeing up there??

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Independence Day means..... cookies.

Belize celebrated their 31st year of independence yesterday, and there were parade and parties all over the country - from Corozal to Toledo and everywhere in between.

I, of course, didn't go to any of them....
All of our workers have the weekend off, obviously, so Trip and I stayed home and listened to some of the events on the radio. (What decade are we in again?)

I searched for a good picture to borrow so I can show you ho dressed up people get for the Independence Day Parades, and found this great one from the San Pedro Sun.


I was in San Pedro last year for Independence Day, but I didn't get to see the parade then, either, because I had to bartend at Pedro's while it was going on. I did get out of there in time to catch the fireworks show, though, and that was pretty cool.

Anyway... in addition to being a holiday yesterday, it as also our anniversary, so Trip and I ditched most of the chores for the day and made some cookies to munch on...

Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, Chocolate Chip Cookies

2 1/4 cup flour                                         2 eggs
3/4 cup brown sugar                                1 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup white sugar                                  3/4 cup peanut butter
1/2 tsp salt                                               1 cup softened butter
3/4 cup cinnamon                                     Chocolate!

1 tsp baking soda

In a medium sized bowl, mix together flour, baking soda and salt. Put to side.

In a large bowl, mix together butter, peanut butter, vanilla, brown and white sugar. Add eggs and continue to mix until well blended.

A little bit at a time, add the flour mixture into the large bowl and mix well until all ingredients are combined. Add chocolate chips/chocolate chunks.

Roll into balls, place on baking sheet, and bake for 6-8 minutes in a 350degree oven.

Happy Independence Day, Belize!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The motherload of Postcards, and an Invitation that makes me want to cry!!

I got a BUNCH of postcards today!!! And, of course, my battery is running low so I have to hurry up and get this published before it craps out on me, so I won't be commenting on all of them....

From my friends Melissa and Jason, and their fur babies - Apollo, Winston, Rocco, Iroc, Sierra, Gemini, Prowler, Denali, and Tonka - back in my home state! 
(I love the Aloha stamp, Meliss)

Here are two from my buddy Ricky in Flordia, who I met in Caye Caulker back in April.

South Beach, Miami

Miami at night

cool stamps, too - thanks Ricky!

Here are two from Aaron in New Zealand - the place I want to visit more than anywhere else in the world...

Lake Hayes 
A small lake in Otago, near Arrowtown and Queenstown

 Nugget Point
The lighthouse and rocks at Nugget Point, not far from Kaka Bay and Owaka.

Can you see why I want to visit so badly?? Even the stamps are cool in New Zealand... but I couldn't get a good picture, so you'll have to trust me on that one.

From Baikeli in Taiwan

I asked for a "beer girl," and Tina from Munich, Germany sent one to me!

I was able to take a picture of THESE stamps...

From Agi - a view of Trogir, Croatia (another place on my bucket list to see one day)

From Helga in Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine
This awesome castle in Yalta is named the Swallow's Nest... and I think I just added yet another place that I would like to visit.

This card, from Pyongyang, North Korea, was sent to me by Li Jin from China
Pothong Gate

From Ian - I never think of Colorado as being this GREEN!!

From Katja in Slovenia - great shot of the valley

and a pretty stamp!

From Daniela, who lives near Melchsee-Frutt in Switzerland. Nice!!

From Max in Regensburg, Germany
I love night photos

The Warsaw City Center, Poland, from Anna
Palace of Culture and Science

 I love the colorful tree stamp!

I thought this was from somewhere in the States - Louisiana, maybe, but no -
this building is in Lviv, Ukraine and the sender, Trina, tells me they have great coffee there!

From Martinka in Slovakia - the second largest city of Kosice

From Nenad (I think) in Pula, Croatia
The architecture looks familiar, doesn't it?

From Stella in China - the Great Wall at night
"One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero."

From my postcrossing friend, Vladimir
Rice fields in Bali

This one is from Vladimir, too, but I do have a friend in Split, Croatia!!

Another from Vlad... Bar in Montenegro.
Nice harbor!

Also from Vlad.... from Brasil

Last one from Vladimir - night view of Hakata, Japan

From Chachcova in Taiwan
The Pomelo Room in Yunlin.... I wonder what goes on in there.

From Roman in Russia...
everything on the card is written in Russian, so I don't know where or what this is, exactly

From Jeanna in Russia
her hometown, Novokuznetsk on southwestern Siberia

From Sandy in Taiwan
"The burning of the King Boat is one of the folk rituals of the seafaring people in Southwestern Taiwan. The original purpose of this ritual was to send the plague God out to the sea. Today it's an activity held to pray for peace and good fortune."
The festival is held once every three years, around the 9th lunar month.

 Opal mining in Australia, from Laurent in Sydney

From Anna in Vienna,Austria
I love the fountain in the Schloss Schonbrunn

And, last but not least, I got a small package from one of my BEST friends from back home...

What a thoughtful gift for your jungle-dwelling friend who always screams, 
"Nothing runs like a Deer!" every time she passes a green tactor.... :)

And the part that makes me want to cry... Kathy and Joe's wedding invitation. 
I can tell you from experience that nothing sucks as much as not being able to afford to go to your best friends wedding... it's a bit heartbreaking.

That's me :)

Destination wedding - Turks and Caicos!!

Damn that looks pretty :(

If anyone out there has some money they aren't using and they want to do something amazing for me... I'd graciously accept one round trip ticket from Cancun to Turks and Caicos next March :)

Thank you, everyone, for the cards!!!
As always, you can see my entire collection on my Flickr page, HERE