Saturday, September 29, 2012

I hate waiting!

Me and sleep haven't been getting along very well lately - so I've been up since 2:30 this morning.

It's now almost 9 o'clock and Trip is still in bed.... and I want to get on the road!!!
I've been waiting for a nice, sunny day to go to Placencia all week, and now that it's here - I want to go, NOW!!!

We could have gone yesterday, since it didn't rain at all, but Trip wanted to give the driveway another day to dry up so we don't slide and crash trying to get down.
I pouted,  but I know it was a totally reasonable decision.

Would it be totally bitchy of me to go grab a bus and meet him there when he's ready to come down?
It would be, wouldn't it? Damn.

Arg.Well, since I can't go out and take new pictures of Placencia just yet, here are some old ones from my first time there.

The Village Inn - cute sea side cabanas

View of the cabana from the sea

clear water and a BUNCH of starfish


What to bring to Placencia:

Extra batteries
Long sleeved shirt for night time breeze

I pretty much have ALL of those things in my bag all the time, so I don't even need to pack.... and I'm seriously ready to go!

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