Saturday, September 8, 2012

My wishlist..... In case you're feeling generous.

It's tough sometimes, living off the grid in the jungle of Central America...

Here are some things that would make my life easier or help me get started with some of the many plans and ideas I have for the future....

A Samsung solar powered laptop
How handy would this be on days that we can't charge the battery, or if another inverter breaks?

The next best thing - solar chargers
There are 7 decent looking ones to choose from, listed on

The item I want most -  a decent camera!!
Any kind of DSLR camera... I'm not picky.

at LEAST one more Rotoplas water cistern so we don't have to worry about being short on water for the animals in the dry season

I could make so many things, if I only had a blowtorch!!

Those are all the "big" items I'm wishing for, and even out of all of them, all I REALLY want is  the camera and the cistern.....and I'm a girl, so obviously some new clothes and jewelry would be cool, too :)
Gifts I'm accepting

 yes, please!

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