Friday, September 28, 2012

Now on Youtube

I started a channel on youtube today - Belize Adventures

I only have two videos up so far.... but maybe I'll start filming more while I'm out and about.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, of course, I have plans to go to Placencia and Laughing Bird Caye....

 I found this map from Friends of Nature Belize

Would my readers like video of anything specific, or are you happy with pictures?

It's all about you, you know - whatcha want?

Clementine, just 'cause she's cute.


  1. would you post a link? I went to youtube and it brought up a lot about Belize adventures, but not your channel

  2. I just tested the link in the post and it worked for me - here it is again, though -

  3. I'm an idiot. I didnt' realize that "Belize Adventures" in red was an actual link. Duh-oh! Sorry!

  4. Got to get a winch put on my SUV, as one of these days I'm going to need one. Next trip to the Free Zone and I'll get one installed. Nice video's, makes me want to head back to Laughbird Caye, been a long time and it is such a perfect place to chill out. Enjoy your trip.

  5. the winch we have, we LOVE - its saved our ass more than just a few times already. I think we used it 5 times the day we went back to Davis Falls, and we use it to pull tractors out of ditches and get ourselves out of driveway ruts more often than we should....
    LBC was awesome, I loved it :) If you and your wife ever decide to go for a day, let me know - we'd love to go back but having to charter the boat by ourselves is a bit too pricey to be able to do regularly - same with Tobacco Caye.