Thursday, September 20, 2012

The motherload of Postcards, and an Invitation that makes me want to cry!!

I got a BUNCH of postcards today!!! And, of course, my battery is running low so I have to hurry up and get this published before it craps out on me, so I won't be commenting on all of them....

From my friends Melissa and Jason, and their fur babies - Apollo, Winston, Rocco, Iroc, Sierra, Gemini, Prowler, Denali, and Tonka - back in my home state! 
(I love the Aloha stamp, Meliss)

Here are two from my buddy Ricky in Flordia, who I met in Caye Caulker back in April.

South Beach, Miami

Miami at night

cool stamps, too - thanks Ricky!

Here are two from Aaron in New Zealand - the place I want to visit more than anywhere else in the world...

Lake Hayes 
A small lake in Otago, near Arrowtown and Queenstown

 Nugget Point
The lighthouse and rocks at Nugget Point, not far from Kaka Bay and Owaka.

Can you see why I want to visit so badly?? Even the stamps are cool in New Zealand... but I couldn't get a good picture, so you'll have to trust me on that one.

From Baikeli in Taiwan

I asked for a "beer girl," and Tina from Munich, Germany sent one to me!

I was able to take a picture of THESE stamps...

From Agi - a view of Trogir, Croatia (another place on my bucket list to see one day)

From Helga in Sevastopol, Crimea, Ukraine
This awesome castle in Yalta is named the Swallow's Nest... and I think I just added yet another place that I would like to visit.

This card, from Pyongyang, North Korea, was sent to me by Li Jin from China
Pothong Gate

From Ian - I never think of Colorado as being this GREEN!!

From Katja in Slovenia - great shot of the valley

and a pretty stamp!

From Daniela, who lives near Melchsee-Frutt in Switzerland. Nice!!

From Max in Regensburg, Germany
I love night photos

The Warsaw City Center, Poland, from Anna
Palace of Culture and Science

 I love the colorful tree stamp!

I thought this was from somewhere in the States - Louisiana, maybe, but no -
this building is in Lviv, Ukraine and the sender, Trina, tells me they have great coffee there!

From Martinka in Slovakia - the second largest city of Kosice

From Nenad (I think) in Pula, Croatia
The architecture looks familiar, doesn't it?

From Stella in China - the Great Wall at night
"One who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a hero."

From my postcrossing friend, Vladimir
Rice fields in Bali

This one is from Vladimir, too, but I do have a friend in Split, Croatia!!

Another from Vlad... Bar in Montenegro.
Nice harbor!

Also from Vlad.... from Brasil

Last one from Vladimir - night view of Hakata, Japan

From Chachcova in Taiwan
The Pomelo Room in Yunlin.... I wonder what goes on in there.

From Roman in Russia...
everything on the card is written in Russian, so I don't know where or what this is, exactly

From Jeanna in Russia
her hometown, Novokuznetsk on southwestern Siberia

From Sandy in Taiwan
"The burning of the King Boat is one of the folk rituals of the seafaring people in Southwestern Taiwan. The original purpose of this ritual was to send the plague God out to the sea. Today it's an activity held to pray for peace and good fortune."
The festival is held once every three years, around the 9th lunar month.

 Opal mining in Australia, from Laurent in Sydney

From Anna in Vienna,Austria
I love the fountain in the Schloss Schonbrunn

And, last but not least, I got a small package from one of my BEST friends from back home...

What a thoughtful gift for your jungle-dwelling friend who always screams, 
"Nothing runs like a Deer!" every time she passes a green tactor.... :)

And the part that makes me want to cry... Kathy and Joe's wedding invitation. 
I can tell you from experience that nothing sucks as much as not being able to afford to go to your best friends wedding... it's a bit heartbreaking.

That's me :)

Destination wedding - Turks and Caicos!!

Damn that looks pretty :(

If anyone out there has some money they aren't using and they want to do something amazing for me... I'd graciously accept one round trip ticket from Cancun to Turks and Caicos next March :)

Thank you, everyone, for the cards!!!
As always, you can see my entire collection on my Flickr page, HERE


  1. Boom Boom - Why do you want a ticket to Turks and Cacos next month? The wedding is in March 2013. Maybe a group of people can donate a little bit and you'll have enough to go to your best friend's wedding in 6 months.....indigogo...I'll donate a little. :)

  2. Ugh...sorry! T&C is awesome. I'll start saving...

  3. Next month? Naw - I said next March :)

    The plane ticket itself isn't TOO bad ($750) but then I need a place to stay... think it was about $1,500 for 3 nights.
    I've been looking for hostels there (havent found any) and even signed up for couchsurfing, but didn't find anyone from T&C on there, either.

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