Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Stars here are so.... Freaky!

About three and a half years ago, Trip and I went up to the Pine Ridge Mountain area for the first time and spent a few nights at the Pine Ridge Lodge.

"In the forest, next to the jungle"
Last cold beer on the way to Caracol?? We're in.

The lodge is a great place to stay if you want to spend a few days up there to check out Caracol, the Rio Frio Cave, Rio on Pools, Big Rock Falls, and the 1,000 Foot Falls. San Ignacio is close enough to get to, too, if you rent or take your own vehicle. 

It's too bad I didn't have my blog started that long ago - this was a great trip!
(Is it "allowed" in the blogging world to post about something you did over three years ago?)

Even though there's so much I can tell you about my time there, that wasn't the point of this post...
you can check out my album here - it includes all of the above mentioned stuff, as well as some pics from our time in San Pedro on that trip.

What I DID want to tell you about is the stars.... which, of course, I can't get pictures of.

Up in the Pine Ridge, late one night, I was bundled up under the covers in bed (it gets chilly up there at night!) and Trip was outside, looking at the stars.  (The stars look AMAZING from up there)

Now, Trip likes to drink at night, sometimes too much, as I thought was the case when he came inside and asked me to get out of bed and look at some star that was "bouncing around in the sky."

There was probably some bitching on my end, but I did end up getting up and going outside to see what he was talking about, and.... Holy crap, he was right! There was one star just going crazy - moving up and down, left to right, going around in circles, and fast!... It totally freaked me out.

We stayed up for a few more hours, going out often to see if it was still there - and it always was. It kept in the same rotation as the rest of the stars and the moon as they seem to move across the sky.

It was cloudy every other night that we stayed up there, and we didn't get to see the stars as clearly again as we did that one night.

We mentioned it to Rey, the caretaker/host/all around handy man at the Pine Ridge Lodge, and he said that, yes, sometimes the stars look like they're doing crazy things.

If you've ever done any research on the Maya and Alien encounters.... you might believe that what I saw was.... extraterrestrial. (UFO's visited Mexico?)
If you don't believe in any of that bunk, you might believe that it was some kind of man made satellite or something that was up there...

Fast forward to about 3:30 this morning.

I couldn't sleep, so I was out on the back verandah, sitting in my hammock chair, watching the clouds roll by through the valley, the lightning over the sea, and the stars....
(Weather watching is great from up here - if I had a professional camera last night I would have had some brilliant shots of the low clouds being illuminated by the light of the village.... *sigh*)

Anyway... there were FOUR stars acting like the one I saw up in the Pine Ridge.... two of them seemed to be communicating with each other because, while one was blinking and moving around all crazy, the other one "went out," and then the active one would stop and "go out," and the quiet one would come back on and star dancing around the sky.

Another one was just dancing around in it's own little spot in the sky, and the fourth one... the weirdest one, to me because I've been looking at this star for a few nights now - it's the brightest one and it's just been grabbing my attention when I go outside after dark.... it started moving, too - up and down, left to right, around in circles, and quickly...

Does anyone know what the heck I'm seeing up there??


  1. Sounds kinda like what I saw in Boom one night I was walking home from the village about midnight 100percent sober so i was not seeing things.I saw this what i thought was a low star or a satellite. it appear to be move slow going from boom towards Bermuda landing.. it was to low to be a star and way to low to be a satellite. it would change colors VERY VERY fast from bright red to brilliant bright blue to golden yellow,green and a satellite does not change that many colors or that fast it was change color as fast as I can snap my fingers at a fast pace. it was in the sky my whole way home then when I got to my drive way i stood there and it moved away very fast. It felt like it was pace me on my walk home..

  2. YOU never know....they could be setting up for Dec 21st!!

  3. That's so crazy - I thought the ones I was looking at were going from white to blue, but I was looking at them through the screen of the verandah so I thought maybe my eyes were just goin funny.
    The weirdest part, I think - is that I only see them really really late at night/ early in the morning.
    When I look at stars when it first starts getting dark, or around 10 or 11, they're all acting totally normal.... it's between 1am-4am that Ive seen them acting crazy.