Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well crap, I guess I can go to bed now...

It's 4:30 in the morning, and I've been up all night.
(Good morning to friends in PA, it's 6:30 there, rise and shine!)

We're supposed to go to Placencia this morning and, from there, we're supposed to find a boat captain to take us to another island that I've not yet been to.... but I think the reason I haven't been able to sleep is that I keep waiting to see if it rains again or not.
Rain will completely ruin the entire day.

 Anyone know where I'm going?
(thank you, suite101 for the photo)

It's been raining off and on all week, and even though we got a few good hours of sunshine yesterday, the ground is still way too soggy, and the driveway is way too muddy, to get down in the truck.

I've been seeing lightning and hearing thunder in the distance all night, but now the wind is starting to pick up and the thunder sounds a bit closer.... so I think I'm screwed - for today, anyway.

I'll get there, though.... I've been promised a nice, one night get away as soon as the road dries up, and that's exactly where I want to go.


  1. I lived in Placencia, way back in 1976, when it was still just a fishing village. The only other gringo's I saw was when the Irish Guard came for their R&R. Loved it when they came, as they brought Penny Beer with them. It was really neat, there were 3 different cans, Penny in the morning, Penny in the evening and Penny at night. Penny's picture changed on each can to a more provocative pose and picture. I spent my time living there just as my local friends did. Each morning we headed out to the local islands and dove for lobster. We sold each days catch to the local co-op for a whopping shilling a pound. On a really good day we'd also catch a sea turtle, which meant big bucks...we new nothing of conservation in those days. To put things in perspective, I was paying $5.00 per month for my tiny wooden house. It was such a beautiful tranquil spot, the only way in was from Mango Creek, by boat, so no tourists in those days. Went to some incredible totally deserted islands with bays and beaches to die for....oh the good old days :-) Have a great trip, once the rains stop.

  2. Holy crap Dave, that sounds so freakin cool! It's hard to imagine Placencia being that quiet and empty - it feels so crowded now!
    I don't suppose you know any boat captains down there these days, do you? We want to be able to call someone when we wake up in the morning and see sunshine and have a ride ready when we get down there, but I haven't found anyone yet.

    You should write a book!

  3. Wish I could help you Carrie on the Boat Captain, but I now avoid Placencia as it no longer jives with my great memories of the fishing village.
    I did buy 15 acres of beachfront south of Placencia 10 years ago, as it reminded me of "my" Placencia :-). No roads to it, only by boat for now. I then bought 18 acres of waterfront between Corozal and Consjeo and have made that my home.
    Guess my sons will end up the the Monkey River land as I've grown to love our home in the North.
    Have a fantastic trip out to the islands

  4. Ay, no worries, I found a guy:)
    That's a lot of land you have! How old are your sons, do they come down with you?